Monday, March 3, 2014

Really, what is this?

We have so many issues and this...

See, this is my issue with most Christians in general. We have so many issues, people starving, people homeless, people struggling just to make ends meet and we have churches saying give us more so we can do the lords work.

Before you is a meme about a group of Christians collecting 73 million dollars to build a replica Ark.  It will cost more than that according to figures I have heard, but here is the gist of it.  The Ark, which does not have full funding at the moment will begin its life this may, boosted by the Ham v. Nye debate.  Thanks Bill.  But lets break down the numbers shall we?

If Christians abandoned their replica Ark the estimated 73 million dollars can be used as follows.  That money could be used as charity, assisting 73,000 families with a one time 1000 dollar gift.  146,000 people if that is cut in half to be used for food and clothing.  Its not a lot, but then again, when you are poor and homeless, every little thing helps.

But then you tack on the other 24 to 55 million dollars needed to operate that sucker, it would bring the tap up for a replica Ark to 97-128 million dollars, which can be could help feed and cloth 256 thousand people.  But that is maximum effort.  If you wanted to get the most bang for your buck, you could help several thousand people by just getting them some kind of job training, building housing units that could be rented out to them as they attempt to get on their feet. 

And lets look at the fate of the previous attempts at Christian themed parks.  Well, they all went under.  They all failed.  They sit abandoned, unused, and neglected.  Such a waste of money, a waste of time, a waste of potential good.  Help others is a core tenant of the religion, yet it is ignored for idols, and temples. 

See, the wrong priorities, and people will suffer for it.  But to each of you who support that, I hope you enjoy it, while its open.  It will fail, as all others have, and I hope you take solace in the fact that not only have you given to the wrong cause, but it will do nothing to better this world.