Monday, March 17, 2014

We have a winner, by a country mile...

Here we have Mr. Phil Jensen, State Senator of the state of South Dakota.  A regular joe as it appears.  Conservative, white, christian, all the things the tea party, and Republicans looks for in a member of their country club.

Now Mr. Jensen is considered the most conservative member of the South Dakota Senate.  From what I hear, he makes Reagan, Palin, Paul, Ryan, Bachmann, and Cruz look like flaming liberal socialistic communists from the ole USSR.  So by now you are asking why my ire has been raised, why I am giving the eye towards Mr. Jensen.  Well, its a bill he proposed in the last session of the State Senate.

See, what he proposed was something that sounded innocent enough, a bill that sought to protect the constitutional freedoms, you know the freedom of association, freedom of speech, and private property rights.  But it was something more.  It would have allowed a business owner, and employer to crap all over customers they did not like.  They could refuse to hire, employe or serve people who were a different race, religion, or sexual orientation, without legal recourse.

Sure, the man might not believe that type of behavior is acceptable, but I have a feeling that in his lizard brain, it is acceptable.  And sure, he has a point that in some places, a business with that model would fail quickly.  The problem is, in some places a business like that would fly.  See what he neglects, and maybe it is a naivety of his, I mean how often do people really see or understand racism or bigotry today?  But I doubt it.  All one needs do is look at the past, if we want to see a future with those types of laws.  A simple Google search of "No coloreds allowed" will give you more than enough.  But in plain simple words, when given the ability to discriminate through not hiring someone, or refusing service to someone based on color of skin, religion, or sexual orientation, people will.  And when people do, others who feel the same way will support them in their adventures.  So, a community that has an issue with gays, guess what, people will frequent the stores that oppress gays.  Hate the Jews?  Well, there is a store that won't do business with them.  Speaking of which, it would eliminate most of the businesses who would serve me where I reside.  Of course places like Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Sheetz don't care about my money, as money is green and it spends just the same as the white christian's money.

When I read articles about the bill I am reminded of Animal Farm, in which Orwell had seven commandments for the animals.  Among them was "All animals are equal".  The fact is, in the United States all people are equal regardless of color, sexual orientation, or religion.  But what Jensen is promoting is the other version of the quote, something we find after reading the entire book.  "All animals are equal; but some animals are more equal than others".  This is what we have here. 

In this country, at this time, this type of bill shouldn't even be uttered.  To show people that bigotry and racism are dead in America, bills like this shouldn't be offered.  Yes it failed, like others similar to it, but it is giving a green light, even temporarily to people to be racist and bigots.  And that my friends, is wrong.