Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jesus is.... Homeless?

Photo from WCNC

Way to go all your Christian faithful of North Carolina.  A group of church goers splurged on a sculpture for their church, Jesus.  Under most normal circumstances I would mock and ridicule them over the waste of money, but this one actually serves a purpose.  It is something that should make a statement, prove a point.  Actually, this statue serves two purposes, it is a memorial of sorts for a deceased member of the church.

Before you, is a sculpture, you might not realize it instantly, as it appears to be a man, covered in a blanket, the only identifying features are two stigmata marks on his bare feet.  Outside of that, if passing quickly, or if you are not paying the most attention you might assume that it is just some homeless bum laying down on a park bench.  And he is doing that in front of a church no less.  That dirty bum.  Someone should call the cops on him, out of concern he might break into a house, and rape that cat.

Oh wait, some jackass already did.  Cindy Castano Swannack, yeah no shame for the "good Christian here" did call the police, not out concern for her fellow human, not because she thought something was wrong with him, or to see if maybe the police could offer him assistance.  She called the police out of concern for the "safety of the neighborhood.  Brilliant, as if all of us homeless people are vagrant bums who just steal and leech off the community at large.  Oy...

So when the news came calling over this fake controversy, Reverend Buck, who certainly preaches the words well had this to say:

"It's Jesus representing the most marginalized of society.  We're reminded of what our ultimate calling is as Christians, as people of faith, to do what we can individually and systematically to eliminate homelessness.  Part of a faith commitment is to care or the needy."
It makes my heart flutter with joy.  Christians who apparently don't hate the homeless and the poor.  Its so sweet.  Anyway, as I said, the man certainly preaches what he is supposed to.  Now, due to my negative experiences with Christians, I will not comment on how well he or his congregation live up to those words.  To be fair, they might do a lot for their community, so I will leave it there.

But now we are back to Ms. Swannack.  I can only shake my head and laugh at her.  See, her responses, her actions are exactly the type of encounters I have had with Christians.  Actually most have been worse, but whose counting here?  And if you want the brief recap, just check the back entries on this blog. 

So, Ms. Swannack further goes on to say some other things.  Lets see, its inappropriate for Jesus to be a vagrant.  He should be standing over the homeless protecting them.  Jesus is strong, he needs not any help from mortal man.  I bet he can leap buildings in a single bound, or stop a speeding bullet, but only if you pray really, really hard.  Alright, alright, that is not being fair to her, and her ignorance.  What she really said was "Jesus is not a vagrant, Jesus is not a helpless person who needs our help.  We need someone who is capable of meeting our needs, not someone who is also needy."

No Ms Swannack, what we need is more people who sound like Reverend Buck (and I do not use that title lightly), and more people that actually give a rats ass about the poor and the homeless.  People who want to help the poor, the homeless.  Not someone like you, with your self-righteousness, and moral concern about property as opposed to your fellow man.