Tuesday, March 18, 2014

And here we go...

Ah, the westboro baptist church.  The insane group that protests funerals, claims that everyone that dies in a disaster died because of support for the Jewish people, gays, and just about anyone they dislike, which is just about everyone. 

So, as life progresses it also ends.  It is rumored that their dear pastor Fred Phelps Sr. is in hospice care, dieing.  An uneventful outcome that everyone will experience.  Hey, we all gotta go sometime, we are all dieing to meet the undertaker and to get into the cemetery. 

Alright, I will be serious.  So, after all this man has done, there are rumors.  Some of the rumors out there are that he is actually nearing his final breath.  Another is that he has been kicked from the church that he founded, and that must really sting.  I mean, imagine spending most your your life, almost six decades building a company or organization and being dumped on your head, that would stink.  I can feel that for the man, if nothing else.

So, he got dumped, but the hits just keep coming.  His daughter...  I will just copy the tweet attributed to here here, because I cannot imagine saying that about either of my parents, even if they do drive me insane.
“My dad Pastor Fred Phelps is a hell bound f*g enabling whore, #Westboro Baptist Church to protest this whores Funeral.”  Margie Phelps
Ouch.  I mean that would be enough to put me in the grave early as well.  Typical hate mongering if it is true.  I mean to turn your back on the man who helped bring you into the world (even if it was just a small part), and then guided you through it, that is cold.  If it wasn't her, then it is even worse, in my opinion.  Sure, he deserves many things, but there is a line, and that crosses it.  But given the history of that so called church, it is entirely plausible. 

So, the wbc for its part says it does not worship the dead, so no funeral is likely if Phelps Sr. has no funeral.  But if his kids who are not a part of the church do decide to have one, expect several groups of protestors to arrive.  You will have all the people who feel it is appropriate to return the favor to the man, and you will have his church protesting the funeral.  Ironic anyway this turns out.  Either there is no funeral, or there is, and you will have multiple groups protesting the mans life and work, while another group is railing against the gays, and playing their role in the same process.  I find it funny in a sick way, I admit it.  The man that raised what they will do to an art, being dumped on by the people of his flock.  That is a fitting conclusion to a life lead in hatred and fear.  Protested by the very ones you lead, in the same vein.  And really, I think that is what Fred Phelps fears the most.  To be shown the same disdain that he showed for others.