Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Election 2014

Ah, we have entered the House and Senate Election cycle here in the US.  Hey, if you can vote early, vote correctly, and if you live somewhere, where people are paranoid about election fraud, tell your friends and family you voted often and on their behalf.

No... Don't do that, seriously, but make sure you have your ID and Voter Registration squared away.  You know, some states are changing the laws on that, so its best to know now, and come prepared.  Make sure you can take the time to vote, because every vote really does count, unless you are voting for the President, and they you vote for people to vote for the president, even if you put a check by the name of the President, and yeah, the whole Electoral College is bad for us, and its Bullshit (Thank you Mr. George Carlin). 

So, what is at stake in this Election?  15 GOP seats in the Senate, and 21 Democratic seats in the same house of Congress.  Grand total 36 seats.  If the Democratic Party managed to swing all the seats or even five more, yeah things might start getting done in the Senate.  As for the House, well every seat is up for contention.  Now would be the time to start drumming out the people who let the government shut down, the same ones who changed the rules to make it nearly impossible for any "Liberal" idea to even get on the floor to be debated or even have a shot of being passed.

Along the way, we also have 39 Governors coming up for re-election or a new one will be elected to replace one that has retired, or is otherwise put out to pasture due to term limits.  Remember the Call to Arms! post?  Well this is it, this is our chance to show these people who is in charge of this nation, and the direction we demand it to go.  If you do not vote, you are part of the problem.  If you vote based on what you are told, you are part of the problem.  Sit down, do the research, take in the information that you get here, and other places, and then show up at the polling station, cast your ballot.  Change this nation in the way it should be.  Do not allow GOP fear tactics, and lies to distort your view of this nation.  Do not allow them to get into your head, and cause you to vote against your best interests.  Do not allow them to continue to lie to you, which is where the research comes in. 

This is our time, and this is our place, lets get this done.  There is nothing more fearful than a corrupt politician who comes to realize that people are aware of their lies, and they will not be pushed anymore.  And lets be honest, we have been pushed for 30 years, and it is time for us to push back.  So now, before this blog focuses on each race, go forth to Google, make sure that you have all the required documents, if you are 18 and not registered to vote, get registered.  As the time draws near, ensure you can get to the polling station, I know it might be hard.  You might have class, you might not be able to take the time off, but the answer to that is to go to pre-polling, or vote absentee.  Just so that your vote is in, just so that it is present, so it can have its chance to be counted.  When you arrive make sure you have all ID that your state may or may not require.