Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cold War.

Ah.  The Cold War.  A time where the United States and Russia (then the USSR) postured and threatened each other.  Americans scared of the "Red Hordes" coming into this nation, nuking it, and a bunch of other things.  Who knew, maybe your neighbor was secretly a communist, maybe your parents were Ruskkies. 

But then Reagan came into office, and took the fight to them in a way that had not been tried before, he spent them into oblivion, thus ending the Cold War.  Or did he?  It might prove some 30 years after his election and four presidents later, he did not end the Cold War, it might just turn out that he merely put it to ground.  Underground to regroup itself. 

As has been made painfully clear over the past few weeks, Russia has possibly been playing a ruse with the United States and the World.  As events escalated in the Ukraine the past few weeks, Russia was silent.  I cannot say that it was the right or wrong move to make from a political standpoint, but after hosting the Winter Olympics, this change in actions is unnerving. 

In the past several days, armed individuals took over various structures in the Ukraine, raising the Russian flag.  Russia has sent troops into the Crimea region of the country, and might possibly send troops in.  Meanwhile, the US has fallen back into its Cold War era pattern of posturing.  "Stop touching me or I'm telling Mom!"

Well, not that, but that would be funny.  No, basically we say, "Dont do that or you;ll pay a price for it," Russia responds with a hearty laugh, and does it anyway, knowing the US does not want a full blown war with them.  But they really don't want a full blown war with us either.  Both sides understand mutually assured self destruction.

But, this post isn't about that.  What we having going on is yet another failing of the conservatives.  Putin was in charge when Bush II was in office, and his exact quote was:

"I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy…I was able to get a sense of his soul."
So, Bush seems to think Putin, the guy who is thawing out the Cold War, was an alright kinda guy.  Yeah, you can try to pin this on Obama, but really all this crap started when Bush was in office.  Nice how that works isn't it. But lets be fair here, it isn't Bush's fault, just like it isn't Obama's fault.  People will do what they do, and it has nothing to with who is or is not in charge. 

Thankfully we have someone sane sitting in the White House, or else troops would be en-route as we speak, with congressional approval for a massive war.  We would have been told that we must stop the Red Menace from dropping nuclear warheads on our heads, and the people at Faux Noise would have been applauding the move as a preemptive strike to save America.

Ah, America today.  Don't you just love Murica.