Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where are they..

Where are they?  Those two fine Reverends of the cloth?  If the shooting out in Kansas had involved an African American church, they would have been setting world records to get there.  To dance in the blood of the victims.

But no, it was an antisemitc white guy, who murdered three christians.  Would it be any different had it been three dead Jewish people?  Maybe three dead Muslims?  Gay people?  Latinos?  Chinese? Nope.  Sorry about your luck.  These men who proudly claim to fight for minorities rarely step foot out of the office when minorities other than African Americans are the targets of a racist act. 

Remember a few years ago, the Duke rape case?  So quick to condemn those boys for raping an African American woman.  Who could blame them, I would be standing in front of the line to hang them by their gonads.  But when it started washing out that these boys hadn't done anything, there were no apologies, they quietly slipped away back to their homes. 

You know why Latinos started coming together forming gangs?  In the beginning it was not about drugs, it wasn't all about the money.  It was protection from people who were racist, corrupt police, and people who would otherwise abuse these poor Latino kids in the communities where they lived.  They learned well from other groups, when they stuck together, they had protection.  If one was wronged, they were all wronged, and there would be hell to pay for it.  They knew if they were wrongly arrested for a crime, they knew if they were beaten by corrupt police that no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would come to their rescue.  They had to rescue each other, all they had were each other.

The problem with some groups is, we never got that voice.  The poor do not have a group that will stand united against the powers that be.  The Jews do not have that either.  When the Jewish people are wronged in a hate crime, guess what, we grin and bare it.  It is almost like we go Opie and say "Aw shucks, you got us again."  The Kansas shooter, in my mind was after Jewish blood.  He wanted to kill Jews, it didn't matter if it was a year old child, or a ninety year old man. 

So where is Al Sharpton, where is Jesse Jackson when the racist came calling on the Jewish people once again?  They claim they want to protect the civil rights of all people.  Can you tell me where they were when Matthew Shepard was beaten and left for dead, strung up from a fence.  What about James Byrd Jr. drug to death behind the bed of a Texas pick up truck?  Oh they jumped on that one. 

Thats the problem.  They do not seek to protect all civil rights equally, they only seek to protect the civil rights of a singular group.  If you are going to protect the rights of one, protect the rights of all, otherwise go stand behind your pulpit and act like the hypocrite you are.