Sunday, April 20, 2014

Prick(s) of the Week...

Yeah its a little late, holiday week for some of us, holiday for others.  So this week we have a trio.  Clayton Morris, Tucker Carlson, and Anna Koolman.  Why you ask?

Well first, talking all about Easter, without referencing any other holiday that is occurring today.  Lots of "praise Jesus", and some other things that I will now discuss.

Well, outside of the first completely ignoring most other holidays that are currently occurring, focusing on just the one, they aired a segment in which they suggested that the way to have a happy relationship (for women) is to select a man whose aspirations are lower than yours.  See this is the problem, for a relationship to work it requires mutual respect between the two people.  They must have similar goals.  Thats the problem with what they are saying.  They seem to be preaching that a strong woman needs a less dominant man for a marriage to last.  All women need someone who is willing to be supportive of their dealings, be it a high powered job, or cleaning house. 

Then it was off to the races talking about all the "miracles" that god has performed recently, including a man begging for a second chance only to be rescued by a ship that initially looked like a floating cross.  Even the dog got a second chance at life, to reform and becoming a man of God.  Alright, well it is Easter, so stories of miracles will abound today I guess.  But its the whole Jesus thing while dealing with my own personal holiday.  But they called it "When God Winks at You."  Basically the message of Easter is everyone can have a second chance, a coincidence that isn't a coincidence (when are they not?). 

Of course, they also talked about the Bundy issue out in the west.  You know, that guy who was illegally grazing his cattle on government land.  First, and to the best of my knowledge, the BLM is not standing around at the property line of his base location.  Basically that means they aren't at his home or personal property, they are on the property that he should have been paying to use.  Something he hasn't done since 1993, give or take.  So, that brings us to the protesters themselves, who have been called domestic terrorists.  Of course they pull out the 2009 Ft. Hood shooting, and it lacking that classification.  Well many liberals within the government have defined it as such, but what most people do not seem to grasp is the concept of criminal justice that we see everyday is drastically different than what you would see in a military court.  They have their own way of doing things, and sadly charging the man with terrorism would have just muddied the waters in those criminal cases.  But according to reports, in the Bundy situation, you had armed US Law Enforcement officials (go figure), and you had armed citizens pointing their firearms at said US LEOs.  Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.  I said thankfully, it denotes that it was a good thing that shots were not fired.  Fox, not so much.  Then they listed a bunch of government agencies that have "military style law enforcement".  I could not verify the ones they listed.  They also fail to give a lack of scope to this.  I mean, where these "federales" who are "armed to the teeth" there from the start, or where they just a response to the escalation of Bundy's supporters? 

Hey remember that war on Christmas...  The War on Christians...  The war on Easter?  They start out with this who Jesus was a historical figure, of which I always ask for first person accounts of his life, some proof.  I never get it.  All I get are second and third hand accounts of his life, some 30+ years after he died.  So atheists are protesting the Easter holiday, specifically demanding that they have equal access to give their counter message to that of the Christians.  Well, they are trying to paint it one way, but the truth is, they have the right to put out a message that counters that of the religious majority.  But not in the minds of the producers, anchors, and well just about everyone at Fox.

Sure they spent much of today preaching love, and tolerance.  But each and every time they did, something intolerant, came out of their mouths.  Yeah, the anchors and producers of Fox & Friends Weekend get the prick(s) of the week award.  But there was one more thing.  While they constantly rail against legalizing weed, guess what, now they are all up in arms about some Colorado drivers getting harassed by the police.  Unlike the Bundy crowd, I doubt the stoners out there will pick up guns and go all teanut on the police.