Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hate Crime or Not...

So Sunday there was a shooting in Kansas at two Jewish facilities.  One a community center, where two people were killed (Dr. William Corporon, and his grandson Reat Underwood as said by CNN) the second at a retirement home, where one person was killed (Ms. Terri LaManno).  It is a tragic loss of life.  The suspect, Glenn Cross aka Glenn Miller was arrested nearby at a local school.

We have a suspect we can now learn of the motives, but first lets look at this pricks history.  Fraizer Glenn Cross, former grand master of the kkk a known white supremacy group and domestic terrorist network.  He was the leader of the white patriot party, which was a branch of the kkk.  Born in North Carolina, he dropped out of high school and enlisted into the US Army.  After serving two tours in Vietnam, he was bounced for distributing racist propaganda.  Say what you will about military personal, they most sign up, and go through hell for this nations interests.  Some are nothing more than goons.

As previously mentioned he was the leader of the white patriot party, a militant group that he founded.  The goal of said group was the creation of an all white state in the south.  While a member of this group, which was prohibited by the state courts from acting in paramilitary activities, he attempted to run for Governor of North Carolina, and then for the Senate.  Both instances resulted in a loss.  After testifying against three of his peers in a sedition trial, he was sentenced to three years in a federal prison.  He attempted to reenter the white supremacy movement, however he was not trusted.  Eventually he became affiliated with Alex Linder of the "vnn", which is also a racist, homophobic, antisemitic white nationalist website and news forum. Along the way he constantly attempted to run for federal government positions as a means to spread the word of his cause. 

When he was arrested it was first alleged and then confirmed that he was screaming antisemitic slurs, and heil hitler.  But news broadcasts, limited as they are were stating not to tag this as a hate crime.  I am sorry, but when it comes to many antisemitic crimes, the media and people in general are quick to not want to call it a hate crime.  This was a hate crime, any way you want to stripe it.  This man went to these two locations with the intent of murder.  I really do not think he cared if he murdered Jewish people, African Americans, white people, or whatever type of person you might be.  His goal was to instill fear and promote his message of hatred. 

What is even worse is that this man might actually get away with his crimes.  It was passed onto me that in the line of questioning that his goal was to "break the dependance of white people on Jews." along with some other very nasty things.  That right there confirms this was in fact a hate crime.  Furthering this is the prosecutions unwillingness to outright say, "We are going to push for the death penalty."  If this had been someone who was nonwhite, nonchristian, the death penalty would be on the table, and it would be something to drool over.  But not in this case. 
Kansas' U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said it is the bias and belief of the suspect, not the identities of the victims, that determines whether or not federal hate-crime laws apply.
 Thank you Mr. Barry Grissom, someone out there gets it.  This man hates Jews with such a passion that its not even funny.  He murdered three people, a child and two elderly adults because he wanted Jew blood on his hand, and he was so radicalized in his beliefs, so rabid that he murdered three people who fell well outside his targeted class.

I will also point something else out.  There was an increase in violent assaults against Jewish people or those thought to be Jewish of 14%.  Yet media reports of these incidences are down.  In the first several hours after this incident occurred there were few if any media mentions about it.  I was forced to call someone I know personally in the area to get an idea of what was going on.  It took someone sending me a message on Facebook to inform me that the shooter had been caught.  If this had been in a school, involved a visible minority, or had a nice little body count, this would have been breaking news.  The potential civil war in Ukraine, the missing flight 370 would have been displaced for massive news coverage.  But because it involved a white man, shooting white people who were at a Jewish community center and retirement home, it barely made the b reels. 

It only picked up a little steam when it was revealed that his victims were not Jewish, but were christians.  Remember that monster in the closet.  Time for us all to sleep with the lights on, that is if we are not white, straight, or christian.