Thursday, April 17, 2014


So, as I no longer sleep much or well at night, I was awaken to the sound of something bumping around outside.  My first thought was "where is my pistol" followed by "where are my parents?".  What I heard was my mom outside looking for some coffee, along with my father stopping on Faux Noise looking for the news about a missing plane, Ukraine, and the shooting in Kansas.  What we got was Mike Huckabee's rants.

So what was he ranting against now.  Was it the PPACA?  Maybe the national debt?  Some other hot topic conservative barfing point?  No.  It was him saying that conservatives are being bullied by liberals.  Not really hot fresh news, but it is still something that needs to be talked about, since I have been accused of it.

See, it is being alleged that us liberals, progressives, and socialist/communists tend to brow beat our oppress... I mean our opponents into the ground.  We will have our way, by any means required.  He points out the owner of chick fil a.  You know the guy who came out against marriage equality a while back.  The one that suffered financially because people like +Larry Dillon, and others like him, people like me decided we wouldn't do business there.  We boycotted his ass.  Well the Huckster (no reference to Hulk Hogan intended) there said that we bullied him into complying to our will.  And you know, he is right.  We bullied him into accepting that he needs to keep his mouth shut.

Its called... A free market.  We decided based on his views, we could live without his product.  He might have "built that shit," but we knocked it back down, and put it and him in their place.  I do not think Cathy is a coward, far from it.  I think the man is a astute businessman.  He made some really bad choices, realized that he crossed a line, and that it hurt his bottom line.  He backed off, and went into damage control. 

Me thinks that the Huckster, and Perkins his guest at the time have forgotten about real bullying.  They seem to forget that in a free market the majority or even a minority of people can put some measure of pain on a company for the actions or speech of its employees and owners.  They forget what real bullying is, actually as white straight christians, I don't even think they know what it really is.  Real bullying, its nothing pretty.  Real bullying would have been masses of supporters of the LBTG community gathering in mass, and storming their locations, assaulting the employees, burning everything to the ground.  It would have been an assault of words that occurred constantly for weeks, months, maybe even years.  Not protests with people chanting slogans, carrying signs.

Real bullying is having a cross burned in your front yard because you are African American, Jewish, Chinese, Japanese.  Real bullying is being forced to register yourself, and your property because you are not the majority.  Real bullying is being forcibly taken from your home, locked in a camp because you are different.  Real bullying is being pushed, shoved, tripped, having spitwads/pennies/what have you thrown at you because you suffer from a mental impairment or you are not white.  It is having your pants pulled down, underwear pulled up because you are not a jock, but a bookworm or introverted.  Bullying is being drug to death behind a truck because you are gay.  Being burned at the stake because you are Wicca/Pagan or some other non-christian faith.

This is bullying, that was my high school.  It never stopped.  Also not mentioned in that article was written on the road coming into the school, "This way to hell."  It wasn't directed at one specific person but all eight of the minorities that remained.  Other incidents such as the kkk holding meetings in the school library were never released to the press, and I will admit that they were common knowledge, but never proven.  I can point out so many instances of real bullying that it is not even funny. 

But what isn't funny is the lengths the pundits for the GOP will go, just to grasp what little they have left.  Oh look at us, we are being bullied because we refuse to treat others with dignity and respect.  I will admit, Perkins has a loose claim to being bullied.  A gunman entered his organizations building with the intent of killing people and shoving chick fil a goods into their mouths.  Just because they are so anti-gay, anti-immigration, anti everything liberal.  At that moment, it might be claimed they were bullied, but lets be honest about it, where they bullied, or was a mentally ill man attempting to defend those who the frc sought to hold back and bully.  I say in his own misguided way, the shooter was attempting to ensure the frc's bullying ended.