Friday, April 25, 2014

Prick of the week (4-20)

So, this week I thought the prick of the week would be Cliven Bundy, racist moocher extraordinaire...  But no, it seems Mitch McConnell edged him out, just due to a single statement.  To my dear friends in Kentucky, this ones for you.

You know a man has been in office for too long when he no longer tries to explain to his citizens what he is for or against.  Sure longtime voters will know the man, but say I moved to Kentucky, I might not even know where he stands on the basic issues.  That alone can qualify someone as being a prick, but what he did is worse in my opinion.

In his mind he is only in charge of reigning in the government.  Given that he recently responded to a reporter that "Economic development is a Frankfort issue, that is not my job.  It is the primary responsibility of the state Commerce Cabinet.”  That sir, means that you should not be blaming anything to do with the economy on Mr. Obama.  Since it is primarily the states screw up that so many people nationwide are out of work.  So you guys and gals need to be on the phone to your local politicians ragging them out, and leave the Feds out of it.  They play just a small role in your jobs sucking ass.  

But never one to shy away, he responded to another question to do with the economy, specifically public projects, in which he again put the blame on the state.  Sure he wants to bring something to the table, but most of that comes from the state as well.  And with an unemployment rate hovering around 8.4%, and an average take home pay of $446 a week (that is about $11.15 an hour for every job), you might consider getting on the phone now.  Lets face it, most people are working well over forty hours a week.  

Of course, Mr. McConnell is saying that the message he was trying to convey was the exact opposite of how it appeared in the press.  It was lost in "translation".  So, now he is saying the reporter in question misunderstood what he said, perhaps he is saying that the reporter in question is stupid?  It seems to fall in line with my experience with politicians.  The people who write nasty things about them are lying, or they do not understand (basically you're stupid ~sounds like a child~).  

As for the rest of his platform, he is part of the party of "No!"  Something that even as the hardest of conservatives you need to reflect on.  Not everything the federal government is bad for everyone of us.  However, I am sure that his donors (Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and the numerous healthcare companies) love.  The banks, the same ones that created the meltdown, and healthcare providers who have to insure everyone would love to see less regulation, and being able to return to the previous models.