Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A PSA to my fellow Millennials.

If you were born sometime in the early 1980's until lets say the early 2000's, this is a PSA brought to you by someone who lead the charge.  As someone going on 33 years old, I am going to point some things out.  I know many of you are my age, or older, but more of you are younger, and lets be honest, how many of you can say you share the same experiences I have.

Today, my parents being bored turned on Fox News.  It is becoming a habit for them, something I really wish I could break.  Unlike many of their peers who watch that channel, they often mock, and laugh about what is said.  But I heard that my peers are turning their back on the President, the liberal/progressive movement, and well the government in general.  They wanted change, and got more of the same. 

It's true, we demanded change, we voted for change, and we got more of the same.  However, what they did not say, was that it was the GOP leading the final charge of the old ways.  You see the GOP is in decline, they are out of touch.  Sure, the Democratic Party is out of touch on many things as well, but the alternatives are a continuation of what we have seen all of our lives, versus a new way.  But lets look at the distortion of Fox News, shall we?  Speaking of which, you need to inform yourselves.  See they can do this because many of us (not just Millennials), are not politically active.

First they claimed that 32% of us do not trust Obama.  Looking over the poll they used, I do not see that question.  So that is their first lie.  The only things I could find in regards to trust of Obama, and this is loosely, is his approval rating.  41% of us approve of the job he is doing, according to those surveyed.  35% of us approve of the Democratic Party members, and 19% of us approve of the Republican Party members.  Well, at least we have a clear indication of who is to blame for the majority of issues in DC.  This is something that is a good sign moving into the future.

So, Fox News, never shying away from taking shots, claimed that the majority of us are upset about having to subsidize the elderly.  Well, that might be something, but I caution you all, you are quickly coming to the age where your children, and their children will subsidize you.  Unless you make it big in the next thirty to forty years, you will get the same checks that your parents are likely getting now.  Just keep that in mind.  Speaking of which, and this is directed at the anti-Social Security crowd, do you know how Social Security works?  I mean it is basically a giant savings fund that you pay into, and when old enough, you collect that money back.  Anyway, Matt Bogusz did bring up an interesting point, and I kind of agree with the guy.  Its the gridlock that is occurring in DC that is really pissing us off, its a system that is not built to progress.  And we know who to blame for that?  Right?

So they drag our Karl Rove.  Obama's approval rating is down to 41%, another bit of honesty.  However, all the other numbers are tossed out to the masses, to show just how badly the Democratic Party is hurting.  But what they did not talk about was the GOP numbers.  Why is that?  Well, they are trying to do what I and others are trying to do.  Trying to ensure that we get people out to vote.  Rove also called the Senate and House for the GOP, unless they get cocky.  This is a deliberate ploy, demoralize your opponents so they offer little to no resistance, or they go all Maximum Overdrive and in their rush/panic, make mistakes.  What he is attempting to do is demoralize the base more than anything.  On the off chance that his little segment trickles down to the left side of the election (which will happen eventually), these people will figure there is no point in voting, which makes their out of touch message stronger.  If you disagree, you won't vote, there is no point in it. 

But there is a point in it, you vote, even if you do not win.  If you vote, you tried to change things for the better.  You voiced your opinion, you said enough of the typical crap in Washington.  See, Obama has failed in many things, but only because those of us who voted for him, got him into a position to do something turned our backs on him in the following years.  When push came to shove, we did not back him up with phone calls, letters, faxes, or emails when we could have forced the hands of those who were obstructing him.  When it came to voting the bum obstructionists out of office, we sat idle.  You cannot blame Obama for all of his failings, we were the cause of most of them.  We got hung up on stupid crap, Benghazi to give an example, rather than jobs.  We are hung up on debt, yet mostly remain silent while Wal-Mart pays workers crap wages and leeches off the system.

Among other news in politics, the GOP once again filibustered a Democratic Party bill in Washington.  This time, raising the minimum wage.  The bill would have raised the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour over the next thirty months, and then have it annually increase based on inflation.  That would help.  But the GOP says it will cost half a million jobs, but as previously covered in other entries on this blog, that claim is bunk.  Its BS, and if jobs are lost, its not because the companies cannot afford it, its because they do not want to drop a little profit.  See, thats the problem, short term versus long term. 

The GOP has in our lifetime become a short term party.  What is good right now.  Profit is good, short term profit is awesome, because we can use it right now.  Long term profit is even better.  Long term profit benefits everyone.  Sure Wal-Mart being forced to pay $10.10 an hour will be a bump in the road, but the fact is, they will make billions of dollars in profit.  Of course, it is meaningless when Wal-Mart will simply raise prices to maintain their profit margin, chipping away at that extra money people have. 

But then again, the people who have not looked into these things will instantly side with the GOP, it won't happen in the near future, and more people will become angry (as they should be), and the more radicalized the population will become, which is really what the GOP wants.  They want you so angry that you cannot think or function properly when it comes time to vote.  If you are uninformed, you are angry, if you are trapped, you are less likely to rock the boat.  That means they keep their jobs, they can keep this country the way it has been for the last thirty years, they keep their donors happy.