Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So I was going to talk about something, but I forgot what it was.  That is all...

It might have been my thoughts on Georgia's new law that allows guns in bars (bad idea) and in church (great idea).  But that wasn't it, I mean one of those things seems kind of stupid to me.  Was it me talking about just how far technology has gone in terms of our everyday internet use?  No, That doesn't seem to be it.  I mean it is creepy that the NSA or just about anyone can view what I post to Facebook, create a profile of me, and determine when exactly would be the best time to "ghost me".  All I can say to that is good luck, I have a small footprint on Facebook.  Oh now I remember... Revenge Porn...

So, 27 some odd states are trying to enact laws which prohibit people from posting material that could cause "serious emotional distress."  I really don't have an issue with something like this, because it can include the revenge porn (where an ex gf/bf or spouse can prove the former as a minute man, or that someone in the relationship sequels like a pig), but it could also be applied to cyber bullying and any number of harmful acts committed online. 

So here comes the ACLU, claiming that laws like it can be used to trample on free speech.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for the freedom of speech within reason.  Its not like I can rant about causing harm to someone, free speech does not cover inciting violence, certainly does not cover hate speech, and some other things.  Those things are considered unprotected speech, and I do feel that revenge porn and incidents of cyber bullying should not be protected.  To some extent, I do feel that we need to be protected when calling someone out on saying stupid things, but we should always be careful about how we word things. 

But there is a difference between me calling someone an idiot, and me publishing a revenge porn video/cyber bullying.  First, when I call someone an idiot, there is usually something that preceded it.  Normally what preceded it was something that I considered to be pretty stupid (IE: Someone claims that vaccinations cause mind control), yeah I have seen that before, and it is pretty stupid.  Sure, the context of calling someone an idiot could be better, "You're an idiot for believing that nonsense." but I work with what I have.  But when someone is publishing revenge porn, or cyber bullying someone, these attacks are unprovoked, and permission is never given.  Now, if I just randomly walk into a chat room, or Facebook group and start randomly tagging people calling them idiots (or what have you), yeah that should not be protected.  If I publish porn of my ex, nope that should not be protected either. 

Come to think about it, I think any porn that is published should have both parties permission, in writing.  But that is my view of it.  Now some would legitimately bring up about wiretapping, or recording conversations between two private people.  I have done that before.  It all comes down to other factors.  See when I record a conversation between myself and someone else, it is for my protection.  I had an incident where I worked in which an employee made some admissions in regards to illegal activity.  While it would not have reflected on the company I worked for, it was a violation of company rules.  In other instances, threats have been issued against others.  I never publicly published said recordings, but I also verified the standing of state laws on the matter, and sent said recordings to the appropriate authorities. 

Wiretapping/recording laws are why you are always informed when you call and talk to a representative at a company that "this call may be recorded".  It covers bases, but that is nonexistent in revenge porn/cyber bullying.  Now, to further muddy the waters, how often are home brew porn flicks made with only one person known they are being made?  I don't know, I never ran a survey or study about it.  My bet would be, it does not happen often, but I really don't know.  So, some might claim that both parties were aware of the recording being made, and now that it is public deal with it.  But, the last time I checked, outside of criminal activity, there is a reasonable right to privacy within ones own home.  So, yeah..  Revenge porn kind of kills that.  See, while I support free speech, I know I said that before, I also support the right to do just about anything you want in your own home, without fear of it being made public.  I said just about anything, because there are some things that are illegal anyway, see child porn/showing minors/etc.  I don't know, my brain has farted again. 

So, after all is said and done, at some point we have to prevent people from being bullied (and revenge porn could be considered cyber bullying).  So, I just don't know where to side with it.