Monday, April 21, 2014

The incredible shrinking...

I drink soda, I have for many years.  Not being a coffee man, and rarely having the kinds of tea around I like, I just grab a six pack of soda, and carry on.  I get my caffeine, I get some empty calories, and filler.

A few weeks ago I walked into the store to grab my two six packs of pop for the week, and I noticed instantly that they were the same size, but the price for one was the same.  Since I drink two or three types of soda, it was painfully obvious.  I could put it back on the shelf, and say screw you Pepsi, which I did for one such product, and I must say, the makers of Zantac thank you.  So what happened?

Well, its really not difference in making a 24oz, 20oz, or 16.9oz bottle of pop.  I mean most of the cost is plastic.  I go into the store figure it was a miss order, and well, the prices are increasing while the packaging size is remaining smaller.  A six pack of Dr. Pepper consisting of their 16.9 oz bottle now costs more than the old 24oz six packs.  But this isn't a rail against Pepsi's greed, there are lots of companies pulling this crap on us.

Remember those 100oz bottles of Tide?  Yeah down to 92oz, the price difference, none.  The same with the makers of Pantine shampoo, Ritz crackers, Club crackers.  Fine, they want to sell less for the same price or more, I won't use their products.  But you know where I draw the line?

Charmin and other toilet paper makers are doing the same damn thing.  Yeah, I tend to get a little hostile when I go to clean up after properly using many products, and well, I am getting less for my money.  This is some crap here people.  Charmin is down from 1.5 inches a roll to 4 inches a role.  Making it worse, they reduced how many sheets are on the roll itself.  Yeah, where is consumer protection for price gouging again?

No, they aren't asleep, I could deal with that, they are all tied up.  Yeah.  More profit for less product, and the only thing we can do is take this anal raping with a flaming baseball bat that is wrapped with barbwire while smiling and saying "That you sir, may I have another," which is what most will do, or we can shut down, and screw everyone else.  A moral no win situation.  But is it really?

Yeah, I might still pay more for less, but I am going to raise hell about it.  We all need to be raising hell about it, even if we don't use the products, and for me, I am going to start cutting my caffeine intake, until I am on water only, and screw Pepsi.  Screw all of them, we need to start fighting for our rights on all fronts, or we will move from the oligarchy that we are, to a plutocracy or something far far worse.