Friday, October 31, 2014

The Continuing talks of a War on Christianity

So often is it lamented by the Christians of America that they are oh so persecuted, that there is an assault on their way of life by allowing the “Queers” to get married, and allowing women to get abortions. The humanity of it all, to live their petty little lives proudly claiming that they are looked down upon, as they do to others.
Well, until we start burning crosses in their yards, beating them, raping women of that faith, hanging them from trees, or feeding them to the lions simply because of their religious faith, it is not a war on Christianity, it is just… Wait a second; none of those things even happens to them, at least in “Murica”.  Sure, rumors of women being raped in other countries based on their religion abound, and I am sure it is true, in countries that hold the members of that faith in a worse light than I do, and I hold them in a dim light. 

But we are talking about the “War on Christianity” here, in the United States, and guess what, it is not real children.  It never was, but as John will tell you in his polite manner, it is a “War of Christianity”, one that assaults anyone who is not of their faith.  If you are willing to convert, become a good Christian Soldier, you are revered, accepted, and loved as a token.  If not, you are the mortal enemy that must be annihilated at any cost.

I can count the ways that this War of Christianity plays out.  The bulk of racists in this country are Christian.  Now, if you look back in the history books, you will first see klan members wearing attire that resembled Christian armor from the Crusades.  Today they typically wear white, depending on the group.  White the color of their skin, but likely a tie to innocence.  However, other colors, which are often used by ranking members of the Christian church.  Nevertheless, there is one thing most have in common.  A crucifix surrounded by red, a symbol of the blood Jesus spilt for the white Christian man.

Now, today after a brief history lesson for you all, I am going to talk about a recent news event.  Many of you might have heard recently about the near beheading of a teen in Stillwater Oklahoma.  Now, when I was first told about it, I was under the impression that it was a “Muslim teen” who had beheaded someone.   I never leave an assumption hanging around children, I took the time to start digging, and news surrounding this event is largely quiet.  Who can blame the media in that area; I would not want this little blurb to get out into the public. 

At this point, I am sure you are starting to wonder, if this was not some “Muslim” attacking people, it must have been something involving a minority, which is true, but the perpetrator is said minority, which would make you wrong.  The perpetrator was a teen of the Christian faith, which attacked a teen that is of the Wiccan faith.  Of course, adding to this grand scheme, the perpetrator had a list of people he intended to kill, and his victim was on said list. 

Now, as it has been described, the perpetrator is a “religious zealot”, and I would certainly say that is the case children, but the fact of the matter is, most Christians are.  Please allow me to rephrase that, most non-secular Christians are.  You see, secular Christians are the least dangerous of your group, they are not tied up in religious knots, and they are live and let live types of people.  I have no issues with someone who is secular; I have a real problem with the likes of Westboro Baptist Church, Pat Robertson, Phil Robertson, Joel Osteen, and others of that cloth of Christianity.  The ones who would shove their religion down your throat.  I also have a problem with the Christians who proudly cry that there is a war against them.  Why, you brought this last incident on, you brought on every act of violence against gay people, women, doctors, and children.

You see, John is right when he says there is a war of Christianity, because there is, and this is just another incident that proves that some Christians are hateful, ignorant people, but the question at the end will be, what the sane rational Christians will do about it?