Sunday, November 2, 2014

What to say...

Today I am going to talk about a subject I rarely do.  I enjoy watching pro-wrestling.  Yeah, its retarded, its fake, it is many things, but I enjoy it from time to time.  For me, there was no better time than the 90's, specifically the Monday Night Wars.  So, in my mind, as someone who stopped watching the WWE after Eddie and Chris died, many things have changed. 

Undertaker is mostly retired, only to be dug up during Wrestlemania (yeah that is one heck of a pun).  HHH, Shawn Micheals, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Stove Cold, and countless others are retired.  The Rock steps back into the ring every year or so, mostly between his film appearances, and I am good with that. 

Out of this new crop of people, most of whom I don't know, I see a guy I never cared has been the face of the company.  I see HHH is still around, and has taken Vince McMahon's spot as the main heel of the company.  And at the next pay-per-view you have Team Cena versus Team Authority.  Alright.  My personal opinion on it is the WWE product reminds me of Twilight Saga.  I hate it, I think it is some stupid tweener series of novels, that purposely portrays women as stupid and weak.  So rather this be Team Cena vs. Team Authority, I see it as Team Jacob vs. Team Edward.

Even with having not watched the majority of WWE programing for the past three years, I do feel confident about what I would want to see.  I think I can honestly say what I think some fans want to see as well.  So lets start with team Edward.. I mean Team Authority.

As it stands right now, I see HHH, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Kane and Lesner making up the team.  Now this is in flux, Lesner is a part timer, HHH is retired, and Orton is pissed with Rollins.  Of course you also have two other people running with Rollins, which may or may not be on the team.  But this is the heel team, they are not supposed to be liked, we are supposed to boo these guys.  So, any heels will be around that team, and its not really that interesting.  Plug in all the heels, team made.

The face team, Team Jac.. I mean Team Cena is where the interest lies, because this is one team that is wide open.  As of last week the team consisted of Cena and Ziggler.  Now, here is where the rumor mill and speculation comes in.  Stone Cold has been rumored to be interested in making one more appearance in ring (bad knees, neck and all), and he looks to be in good shape.  It is also rumored that he and the WWE have a plan working towards this.  But Stone Cold said it was a no go on the in ring deal right now, but this would be a huge pop, and generate a ton of interest.  CM Punk, who "walked out" following a pay-per-view at the beginning of the year, and was ultimately fired two months ago could also make a return.  Now, if you followed that story, you will say that Punk has said he would never return to the WWE.  Keep in mind his wife still works for the company, and in a business such as the WWE (or any professional sport) if you no show, you get sued, or fired promptly.  Why wait almost ix months until a contract is up?  Yeah, Punk was apparently paid for no showing.  There is something more to this, and while Punk might not be under contract to the WWE currently, the comments on Punk's side, and the walk out story might be a red herring.  I think he was injured, and is recovering at the moment.  There are also the rumors around Daniel Bryan.  Rumor has it that he will be forced to have Tommy John's surgery to assist with the recovery of strength in his right hand. 

There are other possibilities when dealing with the current roster.  These are guys who are active right now, they aren't retired, they aren't injured (or they are returning shortly), and they are under contract.  First is Dean Ambrose who is still waiting for a good clean shot at Rollins.  You also have Roman Reigns who will be coming back from emergency surgery.  These two guys appear to be the next line of faces, with Ambrose taking the role of hybrid Stone Cold/Brian Pillman.  That would be four high power top of the card players.  Orton could defect, as that thread is flying high in the air, and you have the five man face team. 

Ultimately as a old school Attitude Era member, I would rather see Stone Cold come back, with Ambrose, Bryan and Punk teaming up with Cena.  It would make the majority of fans get invested.  But the truth is, it is one longtime fan pining for the past.  It would be more likely to see The Rock back before Stone Cold.  But even less likely would we see Punk.  Oh the pop those three guys would get if they strolled down to the ring after the bell rung.  It would rival that of the Legion of Doom.  Only time will tell, but the truth is, with my dislike of Cena, I will be pulling for the heels unless they can get people with Cena that I like, and I am not the only fan feeling that way. 

We pine for the old days, but mostly some of us are just that tired of Cena.  We need something to get us to the show, and Cena being the headline isn't enough.