Friday, October 10, 2014

Breaking News...

In a recent turn of events the White House was shocked and rocked by the latest of scandals for the Obama Administration...
Benghazi... No...  The IRS... Uh uh.  The "Obama-care" roll out.  Nope, keep guessing.  Coffee-gate.  Funny, but no.  I know, remember back in 2012?  When Obama went to Columbia, and some of the advance staff hired hookers?  Yeah, that is the latest greatest of scandals in the Obama Administration.  Only in the current political rhetoric of Washington is that even remotely relevant to anything.  So someone demanded a cheap hooker, and maybe some blow.   I hope they got some blow, I mean a hooker can be paid for anywhere, but good blow.  Yeah, you got to go to Columbia for that.

Seriously though...  Have we finally descended low enough into the gutter, that Fox News and Mr. Hannity are forced to deliver the shocking news that someone, somewhere, who worked for the White House, hired a freaking hooker?  What happened to the real news?  You know, that stupid crap like the aborted jobs bill?  Or actually doing something inside the Beltway outside of shoving thumbs up each others assholes and saying.... "Derp... No..."  I mean really, we have burned through scandals like gas on a fire, and yet the longer we go, the dumber and more insane they get.

Although, I will rank this one as being slightly more important than the whole coffee cup salute deal.  In some very real way, it does piss me off that government money went to pay for a hooker.  Couldn't they find some cute intern or something?  Yeah, I know, don't start.  Paying women for sex isn't right, but how high up did this actually go?  If you want to be honest, the world will never really know.

But, the newest oldest, most insane White House scandal aside, I want to talk to you about the Senate race down in Kentucky.  It appears that Grimes is loosing to McConnell, which is a shame.  Of course, on the scandal sheet, yes this one has a scandal as well, is the response Grimes gave when asked who she voted for in the last two elections.

Well, to the defense of Fox ~gag~ she did give a round about answer as to who she voted for.  Yeah, she could have said I voted for "None of your freakin business."  It is what I likely would have said, as the polls plummeted from under me.  But she gave what I would consider a valid response when asked. 

"I don't think that the president is on the ballot as much as Mitch McConnell might want him to be," Grimes said. "It's my name, and it's going to be me who's holding him accountable for the failed decisions and votes that he has made against the people of Kentucky."
Like it or not, Obama is not on the ballot this year, but the Senators and Representatives are. They want to make this about Obama, as to deflect their inability to get the job we hired them for done.  See, this is where myself and some others (like +Larry Dillon , or +HB Lucy Dupre ) differ from those who are running for government offices, it does not bother us to call people out on their crap.  And that is really what it is, a bunch of crap.

See, in the eyes of the conservatives, you and I are not intelligent enough to see what they are trying to do.  They give us non-issues, faux scandals, and nonsense to stir the pot.  They play to fears, they play to ignorance on the right, and at least half of the voting population is either dumb enough, or just does not have the time to educate themselves enough to see what they are doing.

That leaves us in a pretty craptastic situation.  We have more than just a failure to communicate, as the Warden always said to Luke, we have a failure to communicate useful or even important information.  We get stuck with the crap as news, and we suffer for it.  Honestly, if you want to bitch about the non-existent liberal media, you need to get out of your bubble more often, because you would find out, the media today is not nearly as liberal as you might think.  Come to think about it, if you actually crawled out of your bubble, you might go into shock and shut down faster than the US Government with a Republican majority in the House.

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