Saturday, October 11, 2014

What to say?

First I would like to thank the members of The Works Blog, for being generous enough to give me the opportunity to write on their quaint little blog.  It appears to be a nice place to be, small, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.  At this time, you might be asking who I am?  Eran Abaddon is the name I use, I find it a fitting name.  Loosely translated the name means watcher of destruction or vigilant of ruin.  It is of little consequences to me you see, for a name is just a semblance of words, with all the assigned value that I give to it.  Just as your name is just a semblance of words, just as mine is.  Besides, I like being anonymous, it cuts down on the stalkers and crazy people.

Yes, I said stalkers and crazy people.  You see, each person within this blog brings their own personal attention to detail when dealing with religion.  John and Larry each bring their unique perspective to their views of religion.  Sure, they often talk about this subject or that subject about religion.  But, myself, I am an anti-theist.  I have no fear of your personal God of choice, I do not fear hell, because they simply do not exist.  They are empty threats, and I do so hate empty threats.  So, with that out of the way, and just so you are adequately warned, your feelings mean as much to me as my name.

Way back when this blog was originally started, I noticed that there was a link to a story here on my Facebook page.  The War on Christianity, and knowing John, I assumed it was some call for being civil, and he kept things toned down.  I guess, in his own way, he did not want to offend, but he wanted to get a point across to us readers.  John is like that, no matter how angry with a situation he is, always with that mostly cool demeanor, that slow pattern of speech, very deliberate with what he says.  He wants to make sure that before you reach your "boiling point" he has made his points.  It makes him a pain in the ass to debate.  John lays out the facts, and gently pushes you towards the reasoning he sees.  I am a club.  I will take something that is a known fact, and I will brow beat you into submission.  Amazing that the two of us have managed to be friends for decades.  Without further ado, I will begin my first post here on this blog.  May whatever God you think exists have mercy on your soul, whatever a soul is.

As I sat here wondering what I was going to write about in my first entry, I am drawn back to several of the first blogs I saw from this page.  Now and then, I have heard about the "War on Christianity," and I tend to agree with people who say it is bullshit.  There is no war on Christianity, but as it was stated here there is a war of Christianity.  I know, I am beating a dead horse with the statement, but I am sick and tired of hearing the Christians constant pissing and moaning about how their rights are being stripped away because Gays can marry, you can't say a prayer in school, or better yet you aren't being tortured to death.

Here is how I see this.  For hundreds of years Christianity has been at the forefront of the whole convert or die crap.  See that inbred Robertson joker running around on Fox News talking about ISIL or ISIS, I forget, it seems everyone calls it something different.  Christianity was behind the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Salem Witch Trials, the deaths of countless gay men and women, and a twisted version of your favorite religion was the cause of the Holocaust.  Yes, Hitler was Christian, no he was not a Darwinist.  He actually ordered all of Charles Darwin's books burned as a threat to the country.

See, I understand where your little pee brain is going with this.  Really I do.  You say you are being persecuted, because you cannot have your way anymore.  Enough people, even some Christians are finally tired of listening to you whine.  People today are more likely to tell you to sit down and shut up.  Your dead zombie God on a stick isn't going to come steal you away, and take you to a happy place.  That has been said for the past thousand years, and here we are still waiting.

You ignorant people cling to your guns, your bible, and your God, while you blindly listen to thieves, child molesters, and idiots.  It seems like the more nonsensical gibberish they spew, the more you listen to them.  You refuse science at every step because it scares you.  At least with your paperweight of a book, you have some half cocked moron telling you what it means, but science is far more complicated.  It requires you to be more than a stupid sheep, it makes you think.  Religion is for the foolish, you think what you are told to think, there is no room to change or grow outside of what Mr. Robertson, or Osteen tells you to.

So, when Robertson, Osteen or some other televangelist thief starts talking, spewing their gibberish, telling you that you are being persecuted, you instantly think back to some slight that was nothing to do with your petty religion and you run with it.  When I see Christians in public talking about how they are persecuted I make it a point to do the following.
  1. I ask them when the last time someone in their family or any Christian was beaten, raped, or murdered simply because of their religion.
  2. I then ask them how many Christians they know have been forcibly removed from their homes simply because of their religion.
  3. I also ask them if they have been profiled by law enforcement, been denied the ability to practice their religious beliefs, if they have had their rights or privileges revoked because of their religion.
Of course the answer is almost always no to those questions.  A few of them will attempt to stammer out a response of yes.  The responses when yes are so outrageously ludicrous that even the toughest of comedians would be unable to contain their laughter.  Tears of joy on tap for Robin Williams, before the soul crushing depression of how stupid humanity is becoming would kill him, again.

So, as a Christian, when you feel persecuted I have several steps for you to take to remedy the situation.
  1. First piss yourself and pray to your impotent non-existent God.
  2. Call your local Republican/Tea Party office and whine to them.  It makes them feel better.
  3. Call your preacher, or some other televangelist thief and give them money to feed their bank account.
  4. Call your local whambulance to take you to the nearest bridge so you can jump.
  5. Grow up and move into the modern century and understand that we have enough persecution going on without adding your delusions of grandeur. 
  6. Suck it the hell up cupcake, nobody gives a shit about your whiny ass, or your false sense of persecution because a women can have an abortion, or two gay men can get married.
Of course if that does not help you out, just remember, your eternal torment in the non-existent hell is being raped by the Sisters from The Shawshank Redemption.  In the mean time, you really should consider moving into the modern world, its not half bad, and look at all the good you could actually do once you get over yourselves.