Saturday, June 28, 2014

If you can't Impeach him..

If you can't beat them join them.  That was what I was always told anyway.  Think about it, you might not like having to sink to a lower level to join a crowd you can't beat, but if you are strong enough, you can change your opponent from inside.  Basically, if you can't beat them, get inside, and start taking them down piece by organizational piece. 

However, in a stroke of brilliance, sadly not just a stroke, John Boehner decided that it was not best to join that which he has been trying to beat since 2009, nope.  If you can impeach him, sue the piss out of him.  Such a lovely motto for the dieing Grand Ole Party.  I would rather they just try to impeach him, then again, actually doing their freaking job would be awesome.  Rather than the party of "No," I want to see a party of common sense, a party willing to do a little leg work, rather than a party of three year old children throwing temper tantrums because they do not get their way on every little thing.

I mean its like dealing with my senile father.  He throws a tantrum when he can't watch Judge Judy at 7 am on a Sunday Morning.  Yeah, that is the GOP we have today.  They can't watch Judge Judy, so they throw a massive tantrum.  In other news, Obama who is sick of it, just like the majority of the American people are, says screw you, I'll do what I can, by myself while you are holding your breath and kicking your feet on the floor. 

Yeah, alright we have some fairly strict rules about who can do what in the government.  And sure, I can see their point, I wouldn't be happy if the people who were paying me to do a job found out that I was being circumvented.  Anyway, maybe Boehner has a point.  Well, I went in search of the memo in question.  I finally found a copy which can be viewed here.  If you see specific Executive Orders or Actions, let me know.  I didn't see anything of note, if you do let me know.  It sounds like a child throwing a tantrum to me.  But he points to nothing specific in his memo.  He talks about healthcare, energy, foreign policy, and education.  I wish I could write that in a dead pan voice.  I mean foreign policy is the presidents job.  You know, what Bush I did, and Clinton agreed with and begged congress to agree to (see free trade).  Of course the others he can elect to act on, like say... Energy...  Or how about Education...  I know did he over step his bounds on healthcare?  Oh dear...  That was not Obama... That was Bush II. 

Boehner is going to piss away more money this country doesn't have to sue a president for doing what the guy directly before him did.  The look on my face right now is...  Well I kind of look like this..

James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd.

 And to further give the Angry Video Game Nerd more credit, I sound like him as well (side note, if you love retrogaming you should check him out on his website.  Alright, so back to this topic.  So he continues talking about how Obama has aggressively overstepped his bounds, yet never says what exactly Obama has done.  He is quick to point out that we the people elected a president, not a king or a monarch, which is true.  But we also elected a House and a Senate that we thought were above being bought and sold by the likes of the Walton's or Koch Brothers.  You see, that door swings both ways.  Obama is stepping in because he really doesn't have a choice in the matter. 

Sure, he can let shit hit the fan, and in a way, I really wish he would just wash his hands of it, and point the finger when everything goes down in flames.  But that would be very bad.  I feel like quoting Ghostbusters right now, but I think everyone here is intelligent enough to understand how bad it would be, without going full blown satire with it. 

Look, I get it, the GOP is pissed that a Democrat took the White House in 2008 and 2012, when they really didn't want to be standing anywhere near the scene of that accident waiting to happen.  But things are slowly getting better in this country.  Something they didn't entirely see happening, and really they are just pissed off that they aren't at the helm now that it is.  Is this a political stunt, yeah it is.  It is just more posturing to take the view away from their inaction.  See, that is something else that is pissing them off.  Things are improving, and its not their ideals doing it, if anything it seems to be sinking in that trickle down economics isn't working.  Making matters worse is, things are improving without them doing much of anything.  Well, outside of saying no, and sitting on their thumbs, they are just keeping the seats warm.  Imagine how much better it would be if the GOP would quit sucking off the Kochs, and actually did their job.  Where would we be if we had banking regulations, environmental protections, a minimum wage increase, and a single payer option like the rest of the western world.  Where would we be if education at a formal level (even if it is nothing but trade skills) were affordable, if we took the time to really invest in infrastructure?  But we can't do that because Obama must fail.

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