Monday, June 23, 2014

Remember that thing about prospective...

Yeah?  Good, this will be short.  Sorry I have been away for an extended period.  I took a nasty fall onto a trailer gate and strained my MCL and ACL, broke a bone in my foot, bruised my knee and palm.  Fun times, fun times.  At one point I was bitching about a lack of prospective, the wrong set of priorities in this nation, and once again, I have been proven correct.  You know, I am more than happy to be able to call something (the GOP trying to impeach Obama, Iraq going to shit again, and many other things), but just once, I would love to be wrong about people.

So, this case study is on this fellow named Jeremy Meeks.  Formally a member of the Crips gang who was incarcerated.  So, we see this guy with blue eyes and people are going off the deep end over it.  You see that teardrop tattoo?  He has either killed someone, was forcibly raped while in prison, and from a quick look at his jacket we know it is not a reference to the time he spent in the prison system.

So, what does this have to do with prospective and or priorities?  Someone claiming to be his mother has set up a GoFundMe fund drive for his legal defense, which is likely to include probation violation, but certainly California laws in regards to hand gun possession, since the vehicle he was driving had a loaded 45 in the back, with two extended mags.  On a scale of oops to you're screwed, he is hovering somewhere past you're into the FUBAR section.

But there is now this GoFundMe deal going, and in three days it has raised over $3400 dollars.  You know at this point, I can only wonder what is going on.  I know of charities that spend months trying to come up with that kind of money, and fail because they can't get anything.  Yet someone who the police have dead to rights, who is in violation of the law gets money and compliments about his looks thrown on him, while we have homeless children, homeless elders, people going hungry, and so many other things that it makes me physically ill. 

Hell, if not for the fact that he was popped on a gun crime, say he had been popped rummaging through a dumpster for food for his kid and wife, I would be more inclined to be polite about it.  But then there is this other deal I see going on with it.  As I scroll down and look at who is actually donating, I see a trend.  Lots and lots of anonymous donations.  Now this could be nothing, but my mind is mostly skeptical.  If I give to a charity, I do not mind if my name appears or does not appear.  It is not because I don't want people to know I am or am not giving, it is not because of pride.  I do so with online charities, because I want people to realize this is a real charity, even if it is one I am working on.

Here is a GoFundMe drive, The Richardson Family Elderly Victims Fund.  Want to see others that are real charities and fund drives that will help people who are worthy of help?  Here is one I started to get a Propane Heater for a homeless family living in a tent near me.  Here is one from a college student to volunteer for Wildlife Conservation.  Another one to help pay medical bills for a young woman with a brain tumor.  But a thousand dollars a day to someone who is going back to prison, yeah, it escapes me.

Look, I am all for giving people chances, I am all for helping someone get on their feet, to get out of the life of crime they find themselves in.  God knows, I have done my fair share of it in the past, and for the most part, it has worked out well for all parties concerned.  But this guy isn't really trying to get out, if he was, he wouldn't have been in the same vehicle with someone on probation, like he was, he would have made sure there were no firearms anywhere near him.  Yeah, I know many previously incarcerated people, and you know what, they always ask if I am carrying.  If I am, they choose not to risk it, they don't want to run the risk of going back.  So, lets start a viral movement of our own, share this post, hell, I don't care about this post, share those four GoFundMe links, let them go viral.  I am sure Santana would be happy for it.  I know Courtney Charf would be.  I know nothing would make me happier, even in my own situation, to put a heater and at least one hundred pound propane tank down at that tent, I would love to roll in with a camper for those people, better yet, keys to a house.  I would love to see the charity that family is trying to start get off the ground, so I don't have to watch more elderly victims of crime pitch a tent, do without food, or not take their medications.  I that would actually make me happy.