Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So we have some pretty stupid people here in America...

Oh look, there are two of them now.  Duck... Duck... Moose...  The perfect GOP nominees for president and vice president.  Both have excellent foreign policy experience, you know being able to see Cuba, Mexico and Russia from the front porch and all.  I jest, neither have said anything of the sort, but if you hit Google just to see...  It says a lot.  So, this will be two weeks worth of pricks of the week in a single sitting.  First Palin, who seems to have a constant stream of idiocy being emitted from her mouth.  And as +Larry Dillon would say #PhuckDuckPhil. 
So, not only has Palin recently changed her tune about Bowe Bergdahl.  Oh a few years ago when we suspected that he was dead, or about to be killed after his capture, she and her husband were praying for the man.  Now that he is on his way home, he is a traitorous anti-American piece of crap, who simply deserted.  Alright, I have the feeling that Bergdahl is only those things because Obama brought him home.  Time will tell if he deserted or was captured.  Regardless, the American Military claims "No Man is Left Behind," and it is nice to see that he wasn't left behind or otherwise forgotten. 

So along the way, last week sometime, Palin introduced the Duck Commander by suggesting that he should be the "Duck Commander in Chief."   Now, I find this comical given her own aspirations to be the quacker in chief.  Oh, I am sure some people who come around here will no say I am a sexist prick, and yeah you got me.  I am an evil SOB who says that women can do anything they want, they can work any job they want, and they can do it at an equal level to men, if not better, for a time.  But this woman is either a plant for the left, or someone put an IOU in place of her mind.  What is disturbing about this is that people still like and support her after some of her zany antics.  Remember, like putting crosshairs over a district which was represented by Kathy Giffords and even listed her name below the sites, lovely.  Making matters worse is this image I came across researching for this entry.

Yeah, for me that means shoot a fully automatic M16 with a Jesse Kelly.  Someone who is not sane might mean shoot Ms. Giffords with that M16.  See the problem here, someone actually did shoot Ms. Giffords, and Palin apologized.  Since this guy isn't talking we don't know exactly how much if any of Palin's rhetoric played a role in the events of that day.  Needless to say, its bad taste to put crosshairs on district and imply that people should be shot.  I can't say much, really, can I?

So, now we have Phil.  You know that guy that made many homophobic remarks that led to him being suspended from his show.  He started with homosexuality as a sin and ran with it, ultimately ending with bestiality (which is in the bible).  But right after A&E chose profit over the people that he offended, he steps right back out, and starts talking about men choosing young wives.  I mean really young...  Like fifteen or sixteen years old.  Now I am.. No, wait... "She'll pick your ducks", but ask her parents permission?  WTF is that all about?  Ducks as in dead water fowl, or ducks as in I need to get my mind the heck up out the gutter?

Yeah, surprised we are already to June and this guy has not managed to put his foot in his mouth, and his head up his arse before now.  But here we go.  So, he told the GOP they need to get Godly.  I thought they were already there, given the typical demographic for their voters.  Rich, white, straight, Christian.  But alright, I think the next stop for the GOP is a theocracy, where gays and everyone not befitting of the conservative ideals is stoned to death in the street.  And from there the short bus just ran him over in spectacular fashion.  Apparently Bibles in the classroom can stop bullets.  I have yet to find evidence of this.  Now I want you all to pay very close attention to what I am about to tell you.  A bible cannot stop a bullet alone.  A bible is nothing more than a bundle of paper.  It does not create a moral code to live by, no matter how much you wish it to.  Your morals, my morals, everybody's morals are created by what you are taught as a child by your parents, your peers, your teachers, and your society.  If your morals are created solely from a book, you need to seek professional help.  That man, Phil needs help, based on all the things he has said. 

Run him for office, I can promise you, he won't win.  He will carry some of the more backwards states, but overall unless 90% of the population decides to take the election off, he won't stand a chance.  The damage he will do to this country would be worse than 30 years of Reagonomics.  But what do I know?  I just support the right of gay people to get married.  Women the right to get an abortion.  Decent education for all.  And religion in its proper place, the church and the home, not on public display.