Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get your big boy pants on. Its time for an impeachment.

Oh, this again.  Lets see...  We had Andrew Jackson, and Bill Clinton.  In almost two hundred years two presidents have been impeached, zero removed from office.  But GOP calls for impeachment of this president have been persistent for several years now, lets look at the history, shall we?

Alright, the calls for Obama to be impeached started in 2010, just a year after he took office.  The GOP at least had the decency to wait a few years back then, but their hatred of liberals, and minorities is so great, they gave the man a year. 

So lets look at 2010.  Darrel Issa called for Obama to be impeached because of allegations the White House offered a job to Joe Sestak.  This was done in the hopes he would drop out of the race ensuring that Arlen Speckor had an easier run for re-election.  So, if there was anything to it, Issa would have pulled the trigger and started bringing charges against Obama, but failed to do so.  Personally, if there was wrong doing, I would have been objective about it, but given that it never got past the posturing stage, I figure it was one of numerous contrived scandals.

In 2011 Congressman Burgess come out and said that Obama needed to be impeached, before he could impose his agenda.  No grounds given outside of Obama's agenda.  Basically, I just want to impeach him because I dislike what he is about, and the people who got me here dislike him as well.  That wouldn't pass muster with any president, even if I felt the person was hitler reincarnated.  If they aren't doing something illegal (which many probably are), and you can't produce the proof of their improper behavior, guess what, you're screwed.

In 2012 John Kyl stated that impeachment was a viable option in regards to Obama.  Alright, so what goods does he have?  Zero, he was talking about the Obama Administration's polices regarding immigration.  Likely if Obama had signed an Executive Order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants they would impeach him.  Reagan did the same thing, except he went through a congress willing to meet in the middle, something Obama has bent over backwards to do, and gotten nowhere with.

2013 we had Inhofe and Benghazi.  Yeah, this alleged coverup.  As I wrote about previously, Benghazi started because of Obama's eagerness to work with the GOP and cut overall spending to Embassies.  Of course prioritizing would lead to security cuts, but the GOP doesn't want to talk about that.  They just constantly like to talk about this mythical coverup which has no proof.  Its like saying that there were 10 shooters present at the Kennedy assassination, and that Oswald was the only innocent guy in the vicinity.

A few months later, Cobourn responded to a question at a town hall meeting, that we were coming precariously close to meeting the legal threshold for impeachment.  When asked at a later date in an NBC interview, he said that he believes that DHS officials have told USCIS employees to outright ignore background checks on potential immigrants.  Alright, show me the proof, statements under oath (which don't mean much), paperwork, recorded documents (emails, faxes, etc), physical recordings (video preferred but even grainy audio).  But alas, nothing at all.

Later that month Farenthold came out and said that Obama should be impeached because of "issues with his birth certificate".  Yeah, the birther deal again.  Really, at that time in 2013 the whole birth certificate thing was debunked so badly, it looked like a movie that was Swiss cheese.

Finally Bentivolio said that it would be a dream to impeach Obama, and he took it farther than anyone else.  He hired experts and others to assist him in drafting the articles.  Well, here we are almost a year later, and nothing else has been said or seen of it.  

Finally in December of last year the House Judiciary committee held a hearing on Obama, as a way to weigh all the evidence they had to impeach him.  Again, they came up blank.  Perhaps one source was correct in its claim that this was merely an attempt to justify wasting time and money impeaching him.

Those are just some of the calls from people in congress to impeach him.  Now lets look at the private citizens calls for impeachment.  

You have been warned.  Lets see... BenghaziObamacare.  During the government shutdown he closed the White House and memorials, while sending money, planes and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood.  He has degraded America, bowing to a prince in Saudi Arabia, alluding that some portions of America still belong to Mexico,.  He has exploded the national debt (like Reagan did).  He used tragedies to attack our god given rights (like Bush did with the Patriot Act). 

Before I go, we have one more thing.  Cries to impeach Obama coming out of the woodwork, and everywhere else because he went and brought home Bowe Bergdahl because he didn't notify the GOP or congress within 30 days of the trade, and he released 5 people from Gitmo and continues to talk about shutting it down.  Actually, if it wasn't so horrific it would be funny.   Regardless of why the man was captured, he was a POW.  He should be brought home, and if he was AWOL, he should be held accountable for his crime.  And about the minimal 30 day notice, the GOP was notified about a possible trade for the man back in 2011, when they loved him.  Go figure.

So, if they had something, they would have done something.  They are a hammer waiting for a nail, and its insane the lengths they will go to, in order to spew their vial hatred of anything that seeks to upset the status quo.