Thursday, December 26, 2013

Welcome to the Animal Farm

As I mentioned at one time I was a farmer, and I would love to go back to it, except horses and sheep.  Horses because they are every bit as stubborn as a donkey, and sheep because they are stupid.  But as I sit here, I figured it would be good to go back over the old days, and add some pictures.

This is good ole Boss Hogg.  Sadly I do not have a picture of him as a calf handy, but just imagine a brilliant white calf with a flaming red head.  Yeah, I think you can understand the reference.
Little ole Dakota (Deek).  Came home to find this little munchkin of an American Bison roaming around the front yard at 3 hours old.  He actually was a fan favorite, everyone loved him, and he loved everyone.
This is a long list of horses.  However the closest horse is Dolly.  The white/pale grey horse is Dusty, and that little horse to the far right, that is Champagne.  Behind Dusty was Star.  Also pictured somewhere is Donkey, Trigger, Duke, and some other horse.  Duke, Dolly, Dusty, Trigger, Champagne and Donkey were all abandoned.
Here we have Blondie, Carrie, and Lilly all in that order.  Blondie was dumped in our field, half starved.  Carrie was given to us as a calf.  Lilly had been terribly abused before we were asked to remove a dangerous cow from a field.  Funny as it was, she was dangerous, but once in the trailer she tried to like on my mom, and that was enough to giver her a second chance.
Aside from the animals located elsewhere we have Blackie and Carrie's calves.  The beginning of my F1 herd, Brahfords.
They call her the Breeze, she keeps mowin all night long.  Breezy came to us after I inherited a herd of Belted Galloway cows.  She was dwarfed as her parents were suffering from malnourishment when I got them.  She had a calf, every bit as big as her mother.
Charlie the pig.  I don't eat pork, but his original purpose was to be raised and sold for slaughter.  He became a pet, who loved Mountain Dew.
My ladies in the milking parlor.  Someone wanted more milking less picture taking.
Ah, the Tunis sheep.  Stupid as they are.  If one were to jump off a cliff, the rest would follow.
Frick and Frack...  No, thats not what we called them, I wanted to, but that quickly got shot down by some neighboring kids.  Sassy and Lady were their final names.
Another picture of Lady and Sassy.  And trust me, they were every bit their namesake.  Kids (even baby goats) have a sense about them.  They are able to peg someone quickly.
This is Matilda...  My brother spoiled her rotten, and she was a house pet.  Yeah, a sheep as a house pet, it could be worse, I mean I know people who have pigs as house pets...

Welcome to the Animal Farm, its not what you were expecting, was it?