Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Church Fleeces the Elderly and Molests Children. Part 2

            The family, unlike others, and myself do not want to sue the church; everyone suffers in that scenario except those who told the parents to do this work.  It is not fair to the congregation to suffer for the actions of their leaders; the members of the congregation may or may not have been aware of what was happening.  I met the son and wife as they were attempting to shame the Church of God into repaying the money this man fleeced from the parents, and the only progress they have made is as follows: 
1.       The Church of God International agrees the money is owed, but states it is a local issue, and refuses to step in.
2.      Other Churches of God in the area do not condemn or condone the actions of the Pineville Church of God.
3.      The Reverend admits the work was performed, but now states it was unapproved/unauthorized work.
This family has weathered the July 4 storm, the Franken-storm, and now a winter in a 14x16 tent.  This group fleeces those who are elderly, and have enough in retirement pay that they do not qualify for aid.  The son lost his job because of the actions of this group, making threats against the families of his co-workers, and causing problems with his employer. 
This brings me to another point of action this organization partakes.  Some members of this group have been convicted of being child molesters, and some would say Jesus forgives.  However, some of these members are placed in positions of authority, coaching church teams in youth leagues, becoming youth ministers, and in some cases shepherding our children on church outings (such as youth camping trips).  The local media and law enforcement agencies are afraid of this group; they say it is political suicide (or outright suicide).  The Attorney General’s brother is a member of this group; he was the judge in the family’s eviction hearing. 
This group claims that they do charity work in other countries, but when asked the only agreement I have found is that they do charity work overseas.  One said they thought that some money went to South Africa. Another thought they were helping Haiti, and one claimed that the money was going to Muslim nations to help promote democracy.
I recall that one judge did decide to stand against this group, and their actions, and he paid a steep price for his actions.  His home address was posted online, along with a picture of his home, allowing a member of this group to find his home, and threaten his terminally ill wife, along with his children.  Nothing was done to this preacher, and this judge faced possible disbarment, because of his outburst in court after he learned what had happened.  The attorney general and Supreme Court sided with the group, but in the end, the Supreme Court found in his favor.  This is why the local media is so afraid of this group, outside of threats against the reporters, and editors.