Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An Introduction. What I am about.

Good day everyone, I thought it best to start a new blog with a little information about myself.  I am an on again, off again blogger.  I never did quite apply myself to any one thing for any length of time.  I find it surprising that I managed to get out of college with Bachelor’s Degrees in three fields, but in my pathetic nature, I applied myself as much as was required, which afforded me a good overall GPA, but something that most would consider lackluster for me.

Anyway, I am a Rabbi, even if I often do not acknowledge the title.  I was a farmer for many years a job that I love and miss, and if given the opportunity to return to it, while making a decent living, I would in a second.  I have worked security, which was an interesting period, and caused me to return to college, but gave me some direction in my life (it got me interested in Criminal Justice).  Otherwise, I am a wallflower, as the term says, I am a face in the crowd, and you know I think it fits me well.

I have an interest in politics, and if I can ever find the desire, or even feel that I can better this country and this world, I will throw my hat in that ring.  However, given the current climate of the United States, my ideas are not that acceptable, and I would do nothing but harm.  However, give it time; you might see my name on a ticket somewhere in the next decade.  My political views are varied.  You do not spend more than you bring in, it is sound advice for people, it is sound advice for a government.  If you do not want to pay taxes, pay your employees a living wage.  If you can afford to give yourself a hundred million dollar pay raise, without an increase to cost, I do not see why you cannot give your employees a living wage.  The Second Amendment isn't the problem, the problem is that people do not respect the privilege of keeping and bearing arms.  They take it for granted, but like any other privilege, it must be treated with respect.  Today we have a bunch of morons running around armed, and they do not know the business end from the non business end of the gun.  We have the mentally ill getting access to them, we have criminals getting them, and the list of socioeconomic problems that contribute to the problems at hand.  Our Criminal Justice system is a joke, focused on punishing people, rather than rehabilitating them, and it is really against the poor.  If you can muster the money together for an attorney, you have a chance, if you are poor, forget it.  And lets not get started on the war on drugs.  We focus as a society on non issues, the War on Christmas, so what?  We have a war on the poor, on minorities, women, homosexuals, and your privileges.  Did you know we spend twice as much on defense than our closet competitor?  We spend more on defense than most countries combined.  If we spent half of that money on something of worth, we could eliminate homelessness, nearly end poverty in the US. 

Right now, I spend the majority of my time helping with a few charities, and as such, the majority of my posts to this blog will be about them, the people involved, and just trying to make a difference one family at a time.  Charity is the spice of life for me, I do not care if people know or recognize my works of charity, for me it is not about that.  I want to make a difference in someone’s life, to help him or her in some way.  I am not an altruistic person, I do it because it makes me feel better, and that is what I get out of it.  I also feel that it is an obligation, sure, I can ignore someone in need, but it does not sit well with me.  We as a nation, a culture, a society, a global entity are only as strong as the least among us, and when we start making everyone strong in this world, we start in our own back yard.  For me, my backyard is those who are my neighbors, and once my neighbors are strong, those who are further out residing in my state, then my country, followed by neighboring countries, then everyone else in the world.  To me, one person who has fallen through the holes of a safety net is one too many.

Be well everyone.