Monday, December 30, 2013

Frozen Lines

Shared Via The Richardson Family Charity (Frozen Lines)

So yesterday morning the Richardson family awoke to a slight issue with their tent.  Over the previous week the weather had been cold, cold enough to freeze the water line.  It then warmed up slightly as the rainfall started peppering the tent, and all was well, until they woke up, and found the tent flooded.  Thinking that they had water rolling off the roof then under the tent they attempted to dry the water up, until they stepped outside and heard water running. 
When they got to the water line, it was broken, running water directly under their tent.  After an hours work outside in the cold ran, the line was fixed, and they set about drying the inside of the tent out.  Their cloths, every item they own was soaked through, their linens and the carpets they have on the floor were the same way. 

In the other events, the Richardson tent had a failure, one of the zippers for the main entrance failed, wore out.  So, they are forced to use a secondary entrance to the tent, which will last for a while, but not that long.  In the meantime we are attempting to gather the funds so the Richardson's can continue the legal fight against the Church of God, and Zaferatos Real Estate Company.  Remember that the Richardson's lost the entirety of their savings due to these two groups, and it is a fight just to keep food on the table.