Thursday, December 26, 2013

A letter to our Representitives in Washington

Please feel free to read this, add your own comments to it, insert any suggestions, print it with your senators name, mail it if you agree or want to. If you disagree, your comments are welcome.  Also feel free to correct any grammatical errors, since I cant spell to save my own ass, and I often make stupid typos.

Dear Senator:

I know that you are a very busy person, so I will attempt to express the views that others and I have in a short amount of time. Sir, after discussing this with my co-workers, I felt a strong urge to contact you, and my other representatives to see if this idea is something that might actually work, in helping us, the people. I know that we are in a very bad situation right now; everyone is feeling the pain in our wallets. I also know that some of these ideas are very radical, but in my limited view, I feel that this could potentially create more jobs, clear away the “toxic assets”, bail out social security and Medicare/Medicaid, pay off our national debt, and many other issues that now plague our great nation. It is painful, many people will not like these ideas, and frankly it will cause great unrest in those who play in the stock markets.

First, sir, we need to reenact the portions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that were repealed. With this we can control abuses, and keep our banks from stepping back into the mess we find ourselves in. While I am not expert in this matter, I feel that by repealing portions of this act allowed for the events we now face to occur. While we do not need overburdening regulation, it is apparent that as a race, we cannot control our lust for money and power. With the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, banks were allowed to join with non banking entities, thus putting our money at risk.

We also need to reenact tariffs on imported items. Yes this is a protectionist thought process; however we desperately need to protect our precious jobs, and create new ones. We need to take in more money, in order to continue the growth and recover of our country. We cannot do so with more taxes on the working class. We need jobs, and as such we need a means to have companies create jobs.

While the first two suggestions that I have are painful, this last idea will find the most unrest. Attach a one dollar fee to all stock trades, five dollars for futures and commodities. The fact is those fees alone could make trillions of dollars. If my research is correct, the day I wrote this letter the NASDAQ, NYSE, and the DOW Jones, over twelve billion four hundred million stocks were traded. With a dollar fee that would have been over twelve billion dollars. In one hundred days that would be over one trillion dollars. This money could then be used to pay off the national debt, helping the value of the dollar. We could then fund infrastructure projects, fixing roads bridges and protecting our national parks. We could use this money to secure our boarders. This money could be used to help the people, a reward for those who are not in debt, a hand up for those who are. We could form a good single payer health care system, taking the best from Canada, France, Italy, and various other countries, making it our own creation. That is after all what our great nation is about, taking the best and brightest, and making it our own.

While I have signed this letter, as its author, I have provided the results of my own personal research to my friends, family and co-workers, all of whom reside in the state of West Virginia. Those who agree with my findings have signed onto this letter. I am sorry that this turned into a petition, but I thought it would be better to get one letter, rather than several repeating the same thing. I hope that you have the time to dig into these suggestions, as I do believe that while painful, they can help everyone. To be honest, I believe that if you would bail out the people, they would pay their debt, the problem is funding the hand up. Sadly a few hundred dollars once a year does little to help people with their mortgages, student loans, car loans, or bills. I feel that the corporate bailouts would have been better spent, handing money to the masses. Sir, my co-workers and I are the working poor. We work, in order to keep working. Our paychecks are spent before we get them, and yet we live like animals. We have very few if any niceties in our lives; we work, pay our bills, and struggle. I am not anti-business, nor am I an anti-capitalist, but I am sick of seeing a sixty eight year old man driving a coal truck trying to survive. I am tired of seeing a sixty year old women working security, just so she can keep her home. It breaks my heart and fills me with rage that a seventy year old women, who survived lung cancer, has less than five hundred dollars a month to survive on. It kills me when I visit her, and all she has to eat is Alpo dog food. Sir, I am a person but with a single vote, I have no real power, but you do. My co-workers are in the same boat, we need to borrow your voice, your power to start the change we need. My co-worker will die with her boots on, the same as my father, and likely the same as I will. I am hurt, and angry, but I refuse to be simple, and act as so many of my fellow country men do. We are human beings; all we want is to be treated as such, yet as we work and struggle forward, we are being beaten down by the price of gas, mortgages, and every other debt that we have.