Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why not Trump?

I have had a few people ask me why I don't rip on Trump like I rip on Clinton over the last few weeks.

I don't rip on Trump as much as I do Clinton, not because I am a fan or intend to vote for him, but because its a waste of time. At this stage of the game, Trump is laying low, and most people who are voting against him or even voting for him, know what he is about. They know his scandals, and they aren't listening because they don't care. The same could be said about Clinton's supporters, but I have chosen to try and reform the DNC, starting after this election. The GOP as far as I am concerned is a lost cause.

To constantly rail against Trump is a futile endeavor. His path to winning is virtually non-existent, all these polls showing him catching Clinton, his path to the White House are just scare tactics. They might have merit if we had a system reflecting the popular vote, but we don't. We merely vote on someone who eventually will vote for the position of President and Vice President, and unless there is a miracle, Trump will fall short by 2 Electoral Votes even in the best scenario currently known. Short of something major happening, Clinton looks to have a strangle hold on the election. And by major I mean, Clinton gets indicted or arrested, drops dead, or Stein, Johnson, MacKullin or the Operation Deny 270 people manage to snag a state.

I know what the Stein people are saying, that she will win, but she'd have to carry the full 270 Electoral Votes, or she won't win. Johnson and MacKullin are in the same boat as Stein. Trump has little chance of winning, unless something huge or unexpected happens. So that leaves us with Madam President, like it or not.

So, why do I rarely say anything about Trump, there is no need to. Its no different than beating a dead horse. It might make you feel better for beating up a poor dead animal, but its just a waste of time. Its best to allow the flood waters to come and wash it away rather than continuously pile on and give him any credence or ammunition to say “Hey look, their picking on me.” You do realize that his supporters would eat that up, and give him more steam.

No, in my opinion, going after Clinton is the best move forward. It'll keep her honest, if that can be done, and it gives everyone a chance to see what is coming. Yeah, Clinton is going to do a lot of stuff while she is PotUS, and advanced warning should be given. Oh, and uh everyone that has been ripping on Clinton, when she wins, and does all those private opinion things, we have the right and luxury of saying “Told you so.”