Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Letter to the ppeople from the 1%

Hello Poor Americans;

You asked, where did all the money and jobs go?

We took all the money. We can never have enough. We shipped the jobs overseas, and then crashed the economy.

We arranged the largest theft in history and stuck you with the bill. Now what?! In fact, we are going to cut spending and government jobs, leaving you all unemployed and desperate to have a low paying job just like anywhere else in the world.

We set up offshore accounts and deposited our money in the Swiss and Cayman Island banks. We bought enough republican politicians and judges to write the laws. We implemented low taxes for us and no taxes for our corporations.

We believe there must be a significantly high poverty class to maintain the level of fear/anxiety in the working class, in order to keep us the rich and wealthy in our position of privilege.

We bought TV networks, radio stations, newspapers and Internet providers. We propagandized our point of view to convince enough of you feeble-minded fools to vote against your own interest. We will go after civil rights, education, unions, environmental laws, healthcare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc... any group or law that stands in the way of us controlling the government and the economy. We want to make as much profit as possible. That is our only goal. That's all that matters.

We are above the law.

Keep drinking that !

We'll continue sipping all that expensive champagne!

Looking down on you,
The 1%.

(This message was paid for by the 1%, and brought to you by the Trump and Clinton Campaigns).