Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sold Out

So, here is the breakdown of the election, just days for it happens.
We are going to get sold out. Yeah, I know a bunch of people are saying that Dr. Stein can win the White House. They are holding out hope, they are saying the polls are wrong, and I will not try and argue with them over polls, because they probably have a point. Now, my opinion is, come November 9, 2016 we will have one of the establishment candidates. Clinton or Trump will be the President-Elect, and well its pretty rough anyway this pans out.

You see, I have no doubt that Clinton will sell us all out to the conservatives. I fear that she will continue Bill's agenda, she will be a legacy of his administration, not so much of what Obama tried to do. I fear she will offer up Social Security in trade for something. That within the term of her presidency, four or eight years, that it will be privatized, or in some way fundamentally altered, making it more difficult to reclaim the money we have all paid into it. I fear these alterations might include very conservative ideals such as raising the retirement age, non-existent Cost of Living Adjustments, or lower monthly stipends for those who seek to collect up the money we paid in.

I fear she will sell us out to the Military Industrial Complex, rather than attempt to fix the water problems in places like Flint, and so many others, she would spend more on war. Continued war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen, while starting new campaigns in Iran, and possible against Russia. ISIL, will probably continue to try and expand their power base within many Middle Eastern Countries. All the while, more and more of our resources will be sold off to the MIC, and more and more of our young men and women, our brothers and sisters will be sent off to war to protect our interests in oil. Not for some noble cause in which we seek to expand real democracy, or to prevent atrocities.

I fear she will continue the trend of selling us out to corporate interests. Like it or not, when Bill Clinton pushed for NAFTA and deregulation, he let the proverbial genie out of the bottle. Things picked up, people had money, the economy boomed, and for a short while everything was great for many people. Free Trade and deregulation worked, at least it appeared to work, as Trickle Down Economics appeared to work, but we all know how it has played out over the last decade. Clinton v.2 will try to do that again, and my feelings are we could have probably recovered faster if not for both free trade and deregulation. Well if there had not been strong deregulation, and more impotent regulations 2008 would not have been as severe or possibly not happened at all. Even with the problems with regulations had occurred but we weren't tied up with free trade, there could have been more jobs available. Then there is the Uranium One deal, which Clinton's State Department signed off on, which resulted in Russia getting nearly 20% of all uranium produced within the US. Now, many people say see proof of play to pay, and while it appears that way, we don't have much proof. Ah, like everything dealing with the Clinton Family, the behavior is suspect, there is reasonable cause to believe that something is amiss, yet hard proof is lacking. Sure, the then chairmen of, along with others associated with Uranium One funneled millions into her foundation, and she did not publicly identify the donors as agreed to. Clinton supporters will scream, its not illegal, and yeah they are right, but its certainly iffy. As for a minimum wage increase, the fact is, I do not foresee her trying to do much of anything with raising it. Even if the attempt is made, it will be far too little. Here is one thing that I find maddening about any minimum wage increases, they are always far too little and too slow to have any meaningful impacts. A three dollar raise to the minimum wage will come over the course of six years, so even at her standard push for $12 an hour, that will come over several years, while people continue to slip through the cracks, and find it harder and harder just to keep the lights on and a roof over their head. Oh, and before you say she wouldn't sell we the people out, just look at her statement regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline

Then we have the other guy. The racist sexist oompa loompa who wears a dyed dead rodent on his head. Yeah, so its becoming more and more apparent that not only is he a Clinton stooge. Yeah, no proof, outside of just about any time a Clinton proto-scandal comes up, the guy goes totally insane, and just wow. Seriously, think about it. The Wikileaks emails start dropping and all of a sudden there are videos of him talking about grabbing women by the crotch. There are massive low outs of insane comments and actions. Its gives the appearance that he is purposely trying to drop the ball, but things have degenerated so badly among the people, the more insane he sounds, the more dangerous his ideas become, the more people want him.

There are now very strong rumors that he is in bed with the Russians, who conveniently “hacked” into the DNC email accounts, specifically those of the Clinton campaign. Along with Comey supposedly trying to influence the election, and otherwise being a partisan hatchet man. So, it is argued that Trump will sell us out to the Russians, that in reality, Trump will be Putin's little b—ch. Otherwise, Trump talks a big game about forcing US corporations to make their products here, to not offshore their jobs, but remember he is one of them. Trump in and of himself is a company, think about it. Trump's name is his brand, as much as Ram and Jeep are a brand of Fiat Chrysler, Cadillac is a brand of General Motors, etc. Trump markets himself, his name and identity are the brand, but the man we do not see in public is the company, in much the same way as a professional wrestler. In front of the cameras and his fans he is the brand, backstage out of the prying eyes of the public, among his co-workers and friends he is Donald Trump. He never breaks character, as a good heel never breaks character on screen.
To those watching him live, or on television he says all those things that should bring hatred among sane people, yet there are a lot of sane people, who are not racist or sexist that earnestly believe he has their best interests at heart. Really he is the Hulk Hogan of politics. He is good on making off the cuff inflammatory comments, in many circles he is highly respected and his fans adore him, but backstage he demands that everything goes his way, that he is the center of the limelight. But that isn't all that important right now.

The fact is, Trump is a business man, yeah many of his businesses have failed, they have gone bankrupt, yet the man himself has never lost it all. Good businessmen rarely do loose their personal fortunes when their companies go under. That said, he is about making profits, and at this point, he will make a profit no matter how this election pans out. As for his ideas on “Making America Great Again,” the truth is, he really doesn't have anything that we haven't already tried before. He doesn't even try to frame things in a different light. He comes out, says a few key words that resonate with those who have been handed a shit sandwich most of their lives, or even over the last few years, blames large groups of people, and leaves.

Unlike Clinton, I fear that Trump is going to sell us out to the highest bidder. He is going to sell us not to Russia, but to corporations. His run, outside of making himself some hefty profits, is to cut out the middleman (politicians). Why donate to a politician, or as he says it, “buy politicians” when you can donate to yourself, become the politician, and then profit off of it later? Also note, this train of thought worked in the past, with various businessmen turned politician.

But wait there is more. You see, Trump has several court cases getting ready to spring up after the election, and to be fair, Clinton has so many alleged skeletons in her closet that its not even funny anymore. That said, the chances of either of them having any length in the Oval Office are pretty high. Guess what that means? Yup, if they go away for a scandal or illegal activity we are going to be stuck with someone like Tim Kaine or Mike Pence.

Hey great, two conservative douche bags falling under two of the worst candidates for President I have ever seen. For what its worth, Kaine could run just about anywhere as a Republican and win. He is that conservative. As for Pence, he is a tea party poster boy. And sadly, at some point, one of those two is going to grace the Oval Office with their presence on a full time basis. If you think Trump and Clinton are bad, these two... Man, these two are worse, and making them even worse is the fact that they don't have the skeletons hanging around, haunting their closet. Yeah, Pence has go out of his way to be publicly against Gay Marriage, but Kaine.. Man, that guy won't hurt you, but he won't help you either. They are both against abortion, Pence will try to make it harder to get one, Kaine won't do anything to change what is already here. Both, and I mean both pushed for TPP, hell there isn't a free trade agreement that Pence doesn't like