Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Deed is Done.

My part in this circus side show is done. I walked to the polling place, I presented my photo ID, and I cast my vote, little good I believe it will do.

The experience was drastically different than all my previous voting experiences. As I approached from the south, I noticed a bunch of political signs placed across the street from the polling station, will check to see if they were the required distance from the polling station, not because I am nit-picky, but because I have never observed signs that close to a polling station (even in primaries). The place was nearly empty, only a small handful of elderly poll workers, one of which shoved a large sample ballot under my nose, as if I had never voted before in my life. I took it as a gentleman ensuring that everyone knew how to properly vote.

So, I go to the end of the meager line, present my ID, and receive my “okay to vote” card, then go stand in line where I see three voting machines. I ask about a paper ballot, get told there are none to be had. Yeah, I don't have a major problem with using a machine to vote, but I am suspicious of being forced to use one. So, I wait to seconds, for a machine to open up, I go stand before the machine, make my choice (sadly Vermin Supreme was not listed). Get thanked for voting, and on my way out I get this stupid little sticker to proudly display that I took part in this festering shyte show called the election.

As for how I voted, its not really any of your business. I will say that I voted against amending my states constitution to include Right to Work, and I voted to allow tax exempt status to primary households of first responders who are killed in the line of duty, as it specifically includes EMS and Firefighters who don't get nearly enough love or respect (and many of whom are merely volunteers). Otherwise I will give you a hint on the rest of the affair... I didn't vote for Trump, Clinton, or Johnson. Maybe now, just maybe, the Democratic Party, that I have so often sided with, and fought for while being registered independent (because of state law), will finally listen to people like me. But I doubt it.

Anyway, so I get my crappy little sticker to proudly show that I took part in this cluster f—k called an election, and walk outside, back into a pretty crummy reality. I expected that there would be someone standing around nearby to ask me how I voted. I really wanted to have that experience this time. I wanted to say that I was a Democrat, and I voted for Trump, it would have warmed my heart to tell that lie. I wanted to be asked if I had voted for the “lying b—ch,” or a similar experience as to when I voted twice for Obama. Alas, there were no persons to ask me how I voted. 'Tis a shame really, to not be able to throw more wrenches into the works of this corrupt, detestable machine that our nation has become.

Now, for the rest of this deal. It would appear, that calls for people like me to sit down, and shut up, being told that our voices and votes do not matter, how do you feel now that you were solely dependent on those you slandered, bullied. How do you feel now, today, when everyone in the main stream media are screaming that its too close to call, even the vaunted five thirty-eight is saying they might get it wrong. Are you nervous? Are you scared? Are you sure this election is in the bag? People like me are currently few in number, when comprised of the masses in this country, but we can swing an election. Just like with what happened with Nader and all the other third party candidates who ran in 2000. Trump is not on us, its on your candidate, and it is on you. This was not a childish decision made in a fit of anger, and the outcome is what it will be. This is, for many of us a stand against what has been ailing our nation for decades. Change is hard, worse when it is forced, and change is here, good or bad. I can live with what I did today in the ballot box, can you?