Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Short sweet and to the point.

I do not care if you like what you are about the read.  I do not care if it offends thee.  I have finally, finally reached a level where my anger is flaring inside of me.  I am not a hot head, I do not allow anger to get the best of me, in most instances.  Now however, now I will ascend to the top of the bully pulpit, and I will rage against an utterly broken and corrupted system, that you will now take part in willingly.

To those of you from around the world who might be reading this, I am sorry for what we have done to you, and that we are about to unleash two demons disguised as humans.  To members of the LGBT community, I want to apologize to you as well.  I want to apologize to goodhearted Muslims everywhere, women who remember a time when an abortion consisted of seeing that guy in an alley somewhere, to African Americans who are being hunted down in the streets by the people we employ to protect and serve.  If she would listen, I would apologize to this very planet we infest like a cancer.

We fought this, we fought tooth and nail to have something more than Trump versus Clinton, racist versus criminal, the worst of our people versus the worst of our politics.  There are many reasons we lost, a rigged system, money being equal to speech, hate and fear.  It is not right, most of us are aware of how wrong this is, and it makes us physically ill.  We could limit the damage, really we could, we have the option to vote for someone who would mostly not harm many different groups, but that is asking a lot.  Sure, for some people it will be an easy choice, nothing more than pushing a button, so to speak. The problem is, we would be rewarding the very same problems that have festered within our nation, and the world for decades, and it needs to stop.  

Our choices, you see, are rather limited, and in truth, they are not choices at all.  We can vote for Clinton, and for many Americans, life would remain the same as it is now, a dull, brain numbing existence.  There will be more war, more dead children across the world, and for many that is acceptable, but it is not for me, one dead child, killed by a falling bomb is one too many.  We have once again allowed a neo-liberal to take command of a party that is supposed to be a voice or reason, prosperity, love, and peace.  On the other hand we have Trump, a man who seems to pride himself in saying the most insane things he can think of, a man who wants a wall to keep people out, to take us back to when America was great, but only if you are white, straight, and christian, otherwise, it isn't going to be so great.

So, here we sit, the two major parties have shown their true colors.  They are both blood thirsty, and they do not care what we do to this planet, the only one we have to reside on.  I want to congratulate the DNC and all Clinton supporters, you have potentially doomed us to more of the same, or better yet, in your drive to prove that America has finally caught up to the rest of Western Civilization, you get to potentially make history.  Otherwise, you have doomed us to a proto-fascist who does not seem to care if his real colors show.  So America how do you like your racism and bigotry, overt or covert?  How do you like your corruption, overt or covert?  Because that is what we have now.  Does it offend you that a White Straight Christian man is telling you that because of your own twisted sexism you have delivered not only one of the worst possible elections in modern history, as well as two horrid candidates, and possibly one of the worst possible outcomes.  Are you angry that I am using my privilege to say that.

We the people of these United States, have taken upon ourselves to nominate two of the most disliked people in our own country, to be the face of our country.  Two pathological liars with a God complex that makes God himself cringe.  But no fears, Clinton supporters will calmly bully everyone else into line, so we can bomb whatever country she wishes if elected, again I am sorry for that.  Now you are saying, but you can limit the damage, so limit it.  I cannot, nor will I take part in limiting the damage.  It is a cold and cruel thing to say, and I cannot repeat often enough, that I am sorry for what is about to happen.  You see, one of our candidates used a rigged system to win, I cannot vote for that, I cannot ignore what has been done, and I cannot reward such behavior.  Some may be able to over look that, some might be able to hold their nose, and reward it.  There are people like me who cannot.  I will no longer reward this behavior, and for that I will suffer.  You will suffer as well, and that is a sad state of affairs.  I cannot nor will I vote for Trump, for reasons previously stated.  I will look around, find a third party candidate whom I feel aligns best with my ideology, at this point it is Dr. Jill Stein, and I will support her, I will vote for her, and I will hope enough people can do the same to stop this.


The United States of America deserves Trump, who is polling better than Clinton at this moment.  We deserve his wall to keep us in, we deserve her free trade, and both of their wars.  We deserve a man who will not make America Great Again, but will make it White and Christian again, while we deserve a woman who destroy our economy and take yours with it.  We deserve whatever they throw at us, and we will have to accept it, even if you did your civic duty and tried to stop these megalomaniacs.  Our credibility with the world just went out the window, and once again, we allowed this to happen by voting for the lesser of evils.  We have no right to tell anyone, anywhere about their poor choices, or how they should or should not run an election, because we just exhibited our own stupidity.  It is evident to me, and many more, that we cannot even run an election properly ourselves.

To my fellow Americans..  Vote your conscience, vote for who you believe to be the best individual for the job.  That is all you can do.  If you allow yourself to be bullied into voting for a candidate, you are part of the problem, and you have my contempt.  If you vote for a candidate out of protest, that is your choice, and I can respect that.  If you vote for a candidate because you believe in them, again, that is your choice.  But if your candidate does not win, do not blame those who could not see themselves voting for that person, that is all on the candidate, and the party that nominated them.