Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Call to Political Arms

So, are you angry now? Are you hurt? Bummed out? Do you feel like you were lied to, stabbed in the back? Cause I am here with some words of wisdom, gleaned from years of working security, and living life. Even the biggest pile of shit, the largest lie starts somewhere, it has a kernel of truth somewhere in the muck.

So, what truth can we glean from Sanders, his concession and endorsement of Clinton? Well there are a few.

First, our government is broken, and corrupt to boot. Yes, we took the fight to the establishment, and we lost a battle. This should be a good lesson, because he with money has power, and we lack money and power. Yes, we did raise tons of money for Sanders, but it wasn't enough to take on the whole machine. There are things to learn from Trump, sad as it is, and that is he managed to get free airtime.

Followed by the fact that at least two of our parties have been corrupted by greed, and are owned by the oligarchy, of which the establishment of both parties now reside. You can say Trump is an outsider to all this, but you are deluding yourself. Just as you are deluding yourself by believing that Clinton will be a true blue liberal of old. The type of liberal my father, and his father before him believed in, a liberal who as a friend to the common man, the bane of those who seek to keep us under their thumb. It is truly a sad day. Neither party will help promote solutions to the problems we face, nor do they really want to. They want us scurrying about like little gutter rats trying to survive off the few crumbs they toss our way.

Next we can glean that this movement is more than just Sanders. I have sat back and watched many reactions. Clinton supporters are all relaxed now, happily trolling Bern or Bust members, calling them “Trump Trolls,” and the like. They say “To the victor goes the spoils,” and they can say whatever they want. For his part, while he did back up on going to the convention, Sanders did not lie to repeatedly. In some part, I suspect he believed most of his supporters knew the games played in Washington DC, he figured that we would realize exactly what happened. I have seen Sanders supporters become enraged with him. We should not be angry with Sanders. Yes, I believe he was in this to win it, but we do not have the same information he does, and with the way the media was going, even if Clinton dropped out tomorrow, there would be problems with the DNC inserting some establishment piece to take over in her wake. Sanders had to play the game, he got burned just like we all did. His actions also show us the corruption within the DNC, the problems in the primary season, the lack of debates, the inability for anyone at the DNC, or even the head of the DNC being able to sit a candidate down and tell them, “You have too many issues, drop out for the love of God.”

I will also add, in recent days, I have come to feel that Going Green might not be the answer. Sure, the Green Party platform is almost the same as Sanders but they made a full on blitz to drive a wedge between Democratic and Independent Progressives. Now, I won't say Stein was directly behind it, but this type of behavior should not be tolerated. If I am to say Clinton should be held accountable for bad choices, I would be remiss if I did not hold the Green Party to the same standard.

So, if going Green is not the answer, and the DNC/GOP is not the answer, what is it? Well, since we know the parties are both corrupt, we know that they are all bought and sold, we know they are not accountable for their actions, then how do you get your point across without outright rebellion? And lets get one thing out of the way, rioting isn't going to help, its what they want. We hit them where it hurts the most, we take their jobs from them, then once we have their jobs, we ensure they cannot find gainful employment in a nice warm little place called Lobbying.

Start now, make your plans beginning this instant. It is a simple one in theory, in practice it gets messy, but it can be done. Progressive values no matter the personal and societal costs, until the end. We need bodies, warm living bodies. We need you, and you need me! We (the people) need you as a progressive, a “real progressive” or a “real liberal”, to run for any office you can, as soon as you can. If you know what the job is, you know what the position is, it doesn't matter if you are qualified, run for it. Run for it as an Independent, Green, American Socialist, Democratic Party, GOP, the Know-Nothings, party doesn't matter, progressive and liberal ideology is important, it is the only thing that matters. Real progressive and liberal ideology is the most important thing, and getting large groups of people who share these ideas into political office at any level of government.

Yes, it will take years to move up from your local government into your state government. But it doesn't matter, if you are of age to run for office, run. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 81. If we are going to fix this problem, we need people, and it is painfully obvious that those who are in control now are not going to do it. They are not going to follow our demands, and until we are a real threat to their jobs, they don't have to back down, they don't have to listen to us.

Run as soon as you can, run as soon as the next election cycle starts. Call them out on everything they have done, win or loose you will have their attention. If you don't win, run again in the next election, and keep running until you win. It won't be easy or pretty, but if we can get enough of us “No-Names” in office, and we share the same common desire, we can change the rules of their little game.