Monday, July 18, 2016

Not my Fault

So, as of today, the GOP convention is on. In less than 12 days the DNC convention will be on. Last week Sanders endorsed Clinton, tongue in cheek, literally, and Clinton watched as her lead against Trump evaporated in several key states, and in at least one national poll. As is par for her personal course, her trustworthiness rating is somewhere near negative seventy percent.

In the mean time, #Bernbros, #NeverHill, #Bernorbust people were thought be more willing to accept Clinton after a Sanders endorsement. It has not happened yet, and it appears with a #DemExit in the works for many progressives and Sanders supporters, her path to the White House is slowly slipping from her grasp, once again.

Sure, you can threaten people with how bad a Trump presidency is going to be. But, these are really empty threats. We already have people being shot dead in the streets by police, yes #Blacklivesmatter, all lives matter, to someone, even the biggest prick in the world has someone who their life matters too. I have had crosses burned in my yard, I have been told by police that if they caught me in town, they would never find my body. I have been homeless, I have recently gone to bed hungry, because I didn't eat at all, or because I ate just enough to keep myself going. I have had my utilities disconnected, I have been employed and unemployed, I have been evicted, and all of this within the past year. Within the last five years, I had periods where I thought I would die on the street, waiting for the hammer to drop. So threats of Trump are not a persuasive argument for me. When you are not afraid of death, there is not much in this world that will scare you. Not even suffering through everything I have in the past five years scares me anymore. See, while you think you can bully people to vote your way via Scare Tactics (how GOP of you all that try this), most of us have a contrarian vein in us. The more you push us one direction, the more we resist and push the other. We Americans are like feral cats, and herding us is nearly impossible.

You can try and insult us, but honestly after every insult I have suffered in my life, yours are pitiful. I have been called everything from a “kike” to a “desert n----r”, so when you say that I am stomping my feet, and throwing a temper tantrum like a child, that is really weak. When you say that I am being ignorant, spiteful, selfish, hateful, misogynistic, or any other adjective you can think of, just remember that those insults mean nothing to me, they mean nothing to many people. This coming from a guy who had four others attempt to shove his head into a toilet full of human piss and shyte, because thats where “dirty Jews” belong. I have been called a dog that should be put down, a sewer rat, sub-human. It does hurt when its coming from those who should be my political allies, not the conservatives. Once again, while it does hurt to have allies on just about everything you say or do, turn on you because of a single candidate, and their fear of the other guy.

You could try to argue policy, and that would be the best course of action, except that trustworthiness rating. You see, it does not matter how similar a persons policy record is, when two thirds of people polled feel that Clinton will shift policy stances to whichever the wind blows. Over the course of three days, she was for, against, and for a single payer system in the US, political expectancy much? President Obama pegged her, she will say anything to get elected, and change nothing. Sure, she is trying to talk a progressive game now, doing something about college debt, a single payer system, a $15 minimum wage (which will make things better, but its not really enough), over turning Citizens United, and the list goes on. Sure, I would be happy if she gave a genuine effort for those things, but I do not trust her enough to give her the chance. “Oh, but that's because you are a closeted Trump Troll, who has bought into the GOP lies.” Nope, that is me observing twenty-four years of lies, scandals, and a seeming inability to not give your opponents ammunition to use against you. She lied to us, it is evident she lied to congress, and she keeps right on doing it, pathological in nature she is unable to help herself.

Sure, other politicians have lied to us, its part of the job. Other people have done the same things she has, and they were not held accountable. Yes, and you have a point, a small one. She has done the same things that others have done, and they were not held accountable, but where does accountability start? Does that mean if one of your family members is killed by a drunk driver, and they get away, that all drunk drivers who kill should get a pass? Maybe the banksters who pushed deregulation through lobbyists should get a pass for nuking our economy? Maybe that business who violated the HIPPA laws should also get a pass. You see where this is going? When do we start holding people accountable for their actions, when they are poor or middle class, or do we start holding people accountable for their personal actions, when they lie to or maybe when they show a spectacular lack of even decent judgment?

You want to talk about all the things that Trump will try, we have already seen it, out of the Clinton family. Trump talks about deporting illegals, and building a wall. I seem to recall a little boy being forcibly removed from a family member's home, to be returned, at gun point, to Cuba so he could “be with his father.” Yes, Elian Gonzalez was here illegally, his mother took him and fled Cuba, but to take the child at gunpoint. How Republican? You say that Trump will start WWIII, but Clinton herself is a very nasty little chicken hawk. She has already made it clear that she is willing to bomb Iran to enforce a treaty, to destroy other countries for Israel, she has a blood lust as great as any GOP teabagger I have ever seen. Trump talks about the big money coming out of the establishment, while wanting to give churches political power, while Clinton takes it hand over fist from anywhere she can get it, be it other nations in this world, or the people who derailed our economy. Speaking of which, I find it grossly amusing that countries with crappy human rights ratings bought hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms from us, via Clinton's State Department, then donated tens of millions of dollars to her foundation, or was it the other way around? But Trump is going to abuse human rights if elected president.

So, you cannot for the life of you, understand why people are not falling in line with Clinton? You cannot understand why we selfish pricks are going to doom everyone who is not white, straight, christian, male, and rich? Yeah, I would have a hard time with it, if not for Clinton's actions, and words. The lesser of evils is still evil. And by voting for it, you are perpetuating it. It are allowing it to dig its claws even deeper. You can rationalize it all you want, mostly because she probably will not violate our human rights, but like most conservatives, its perfectly okay when something like this happens, just somewhere else.

I am still #BernorBust, I will be until the end of the month, maybe next month, probably forever. Depending on what happens at the convention will determine if I continue to side mostly with the Democratic Candidates. Depending on who is still running for office, I might vote for the Democratic Candidate, unless it is Clinton, then its #Jill2016. Now, with a #DemExit ongoing, sure I doubt it is a mass of defections, but a few hundred here, a few hundred there, and its looking pretty bad. Is making history really worth bringing the GOP back? Is it worth it to continue failed third-way neo-liberal politics? Is it really worth continuing failed conservative policies concerning our environment and economy? Yeah, I guess it is. It will be all on you, who support Clinton, not us.