Thursday, August 4, 2016

Angry Yet?

I am going to say some things that are going to make some of you very upset. Some of you will be happy about this, but most of you, most of you are going to be very unhappy. This is something you are going to need to hear, and you are going to need it learn this lesson now, or you are going to become very angry later. You are going to get your feelings hurt, you aren't going to understand why things aren't improving, and honestly, you are going to wonder why the next Bernie Sanders will lose in their bid for the nomination of the DNC. Sorry, while the DNC is in bad shape, nearly as bad of shape as the GOP, its not going to go down for the count, right now anyway.

So, here it is, straight talk, Bernie lost the nomination because we, in grand American style, threw money at the problem. The problem with this problem is, we do not have nearly enough money to throw at the problem that money created. You see, we have neglected things here in the good ole US of A. Sure, Sanders getting into the White House would have been a god sent, stopping Clinton and Trump would have been a great achievement. Yes, Sanders would have done wonderful things, he would have done everything in his power to put those who control our government in check. He would have attempted to bring balance to us all. I feel Stein would try the same exact things. They are two great people, who have extraordinary dreams, and they want us to all have those dreams, but there is a catch.

You see, we have ignored our state houses, we have ignored congress. You see this whole “vote blue no matter who” is more than a presidential thing, we have been applying it to every candidate. For some people they could literally say the are going to murder children in the streets, and some of us would be perfectly content to vote for them because they are Democrats. You don't believe me? See Kim Davis (now a Republican), Tim Kaine, Brad Ashford, David Scott, Joe Manchin, and just about anyone who has a (D) behind their name from West Virginia, all of them are conservative Democrats. Seriously, go look up a list of elected officials for your state and research where they stand on things.

So, now you angry and hurt that the likes of Sanders, Warren, Gabbard, and others have all turned tail and endorsed Clinton, you seem to believe they have sold us all out. Well, they haven't, you just cannot let go of the fact that they had some very hard choices to make in a broken system that we have neglected to do anything with. We got them to DC, but we never gave them any real political capital to work with, we haven't given them any real allies to side with. Would they have backed Clinton if there would have been two hundred other people in Washington DC helping them out, standing shoulder to shoulder, back to back? What if we filled our state houses and governors mansions with people who think like Sanders, Warren, and the others? I can tell you, this would have turned out drastically different. There would have been hell to pay for trying to rig the primary, because we would have had political capital.

As I was saying, they did not sell us out, they made a difficult political choice. It is a poor one in my opinion, but it is one they had to make. They could have continued against the grain, with no support from their peers, against corporate money, and they would have been buried in office or outright buried in their next campaign. Yeah, that's right, can you imagine Sanders, Gabbard, or Warren introducing legislation before their respective committees, and having it blown out of the water by their conservative or neoliberal peers? I can, its what happens when you go against the grain, and you do not have the numbers or capital to fight back. Sure, they could have continued to fight back, but it would have been a loosing battle, and they know it, just like some of us know it.

Yes, it should make you angry, angry enough to get off your backside and do your research, to run for office yourself, to do all the things you did for Bernie on a local level, for your local candidates. This is not a problem that we can solve by just throwing money at it, we have to be there, in person, fighting tooth and nail for everything every election. The #Demexit plan is fine, it is viable for us to show our displeasure. Warren, Gabbard, and all the others who believe in this political movement have decided that something in the DNC is worth fighting for. Sanders is returning to the senate as an independent who caucuses with the Democratic Party, because he feels he has the most power doing things in that way. He also feels there is something worth fighting for there, but he has also taken it upon himself to try and gather like minded people at all levels of political office to ensure what happened to him, does not happen again.

This presidential election is a wash, either way bad things are coming, and there is little we can do about it at this point. It doesn't matter who wins the presidential election, bad things are going to happen. Like Obama, I think Sanders (and probably Stein) can keep the crash in slow motion, but everyone else is going to be as helpless as we are. But that is the lesson to be learned, winning the White House is not the end of the story. We need to win all houses, not just the top house. Now more than ever it is of the greatest importance that we go to the polls, we cast our vote, and we fight for anyone who shares our ideas, not just for the position of President, but all positions, everywhere.

Only then, after we have taken over all stations can we get the change we seek. The outcome of this election, is our fault, collectively. If Trump wins, it is not the #BernorBust or #JillnotHill crowds, it is because we failed to give Sanders and his supporters in DC anything to work with, we tied their hands with any blue will do, we failed to fight fear. If Clinton wins, it is the fault of fear based politics, fear of Trump, fear of the GOP, fear of everything, and Clinton's inability to come forward and do whatever is in her power to generate trust, but a message that includes trying to win our hearts and minds like Sanders did. If Stein or Johnson wins, it will be a powerful message, one that will completely shake up everything that is in Washington, for a time.

I have said it before, I will say it again, and I will keep screaming it until all those who are voting listen to me (here's looking at you progressives and old school liberals), nothing will change in the slightest until you start kicking out those people who claim to be liberals and progressives and do not adhere to the cause. Oh, and one more thing, this is not a single election cycle and all is well. This is going to be a continual practice until they finally get it. We may end up kicking out tons of people before they finally get it, we have a direction we want this country to move in, and failure to do so earns you a pink slip. Then comes the next thing that will anger you all, there is no more of this voting for the lesser of evils, and voting out of fear of what x candidate might or might not try and do. At some point, with the way things are, we might just have to accept some very nasty and bad things, because we aren't going to always win. You can't win them all, no matter how much you try, but just because you didn't win, doesn't mean that you stop trying.