Thursday, November 12, 2015

Off the rails much?

It seems the impending pink slip and fresh job hunt has given me some energy to sit down and write again.  Bad news everyone.

So, to illustrate how far off the rails this nation has come...  We have millions of people living in poverty.  People who are homeless, people who are struggling to survive, the third worst level of income inequality, record corporate profits, crumbling infrastructure, severe declines in education, a severe lack of comprehension of even the most basic of sciences, complete and total perversion of our political system, not to mention its complete and total dysfunction, Global Climate Change to keep the list short...  What are people concerned about?

Red coffee cups from Starbucks.  The war on Christmas.  Joy of joys.  We have many homeless people, we have a government that is coming off the rails, and everything going to hell, but a red solo coffee cup is what really matters to people in America.  Not the fact that we have nearly 47 million people living in poverty, and I won't even get into the number of those who are like myself, struggling to find a way to pay off college debt.  Here in the United States between it is estimated that between 900,000 and 2.3 million people experience homelessness in any given year (depending on the sources you want to use).  Most of our bridges, roads, dams, levees, waterways, and ports are substandard or outright near failure.  I could fill volumes with everything ~cough~ unemployment ~cough~ outsourcing ~cough ~ offshoring ~cough, cough, cough~

So here is the breakdown of it, and its not just the red solo coffee cup.  Gays getting married is apparently more important than the poverty level and declining middle class.  Abortions are more important than ensuring that the entirety of our infrastructure doesn't collapse on our heads.  But the militarization of the police state is not that important, cause well "thugs."  Record profits for corporations while pay for employees falls behind inflation are not that important, but by God, don't persecute us Christians by being civil and inclusive of your fellow man by saying "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas." 

What makes this so sad is that people who are fighting to make things better for all, rather than their cohorts are bogged down trying to fight with these thick-witted neanderthals who want to fight battles of non-issues.  On a certain level, I think they are wise enough to pick there own battles because they know in the darkest recesses of their minds that they are wrong on the important things.  Oh, hey lets fight this war over red cups at Starbucks, cause Christmas, while I continue to get jobbed at work, or some other poor person gets more dumped on them than should ever be allowed.  If they took the fight to homelessness, poverty and declining wages like they do over these non-issues, we could be so much better.

Addition:  For people like me, Gay marriage and abortion are non-issues.  They are not that important for me.  This stems from the fact that I feel the government (be it local or federal government) should stay out of the business of marriage, and a woman's uterus.  As far as I am concerned, Gay marriage is no different than a marriage between a man and a woman.  With abortion, I will never carry and give birth, therefore outside of saying that we are all the better for Roe vs Wade, I have little say.