Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another one.

Everyday it gets harder and harder to try and defend the privilege that I hold to keep and bear arms.  Every day I hear people screaming about being persecuted (specifically from Christians).  So, yesterday there was yet another mass shooting, this time at a Planned Parenthood center, in Colorado.  Before details were even released, many of my peers and myself, were able to profile this scum.

I was off on some details, but we all had the same idea.  White, middle aged, Christian, male, "loner".  In the same way we almost instantly can create a profile of a "terrorist", most can create a profile of a mass killer, by today's standard.  That scum that killed people in a church, and countless others all fit on profile, and its high time people started paying attention to this.

You are not being persecuted because of your beliefs, sure it would be nice if you kept them to yourselves, you are not even being persecuted.  You are being taken to task for your comments, actions, and ignorance.  When Christians applaud a shooter because of where he decided to kill people, you are in the wrong.  So, I am going to say this here and now, Why don't you people, you moderate Christians, police your own psychopaths.  That is right, why don't you follow the statements you tell others?

Ah, I forgot, its persecution to call you hypocrites.  Its persecution to tell you that you are not the only ones who have rights, or the ability to exercise them.  See, this is the problem.  You want to tell everyone else how to live, but when someone steps up and says "Hell no." you get all butthurt.  Here is a news flash for you, grow up already.  People asserting themselves in a manner that says we have rights, is not persecution on you.  It is you persecuting them.

This shooter, this scum of the earth, was persecuting people based on their sex and where they worked.  He is every bit as vial as those in ISIL.  This was yet another mass shooting from some deluded mentally unstable hack, who should have been caught in background checks.  But he was not, for whatever reason.  He is a terrorist, he is not a lone wolf, misunderstood guy.  A White Christian Fundamentalist Terrorist.  He and his kind are far more dangerous to us, than anyone in ISIL is to us, he is already here, he is a product of our own failing educational system, and our lack of adjusting laws that need adjusting.

He is a product of persecution alright.  The persecution that Christians want, the kind they create in their own heads, and our so called media promotes.  Really, it is just another form of Christian persecution, where they are the ones persecuting others, and become enraged and injured when people actually stand up for themselves.

If you want to help, do not bother praying.  Stand up, call to task those who are cheering this scum, call him what he really is.  Tell them the truth, he is a terrorist and they are not any better than he is.