Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Prick of the Week (11-02-14 to 11-09-14

I promised a prick of the week entry, did I not?  I could say the Cruz camp qualifies for it, maybe Joni Ernst, or Gordon Klingenschmitt for his exorcising Obama and homosexual causing demons.  I could focus on Andy Harris (R-MD) who wants to overturn the will of the people of Washington DC to have their weed.  Oh, it is a long list, and there is no shortage of people I can pick on for it.  However, I have someone in mind, well more than I have somebodies in mind.  If you are easily offended, I would say close this page now, because from here on, it is my declaration, and it is time to start calling people out.

So, the pricks of the previous week, and henceforth are you, the people who ignorantly cast your votes for the GOP, and those of you who were able to vote, but through pure stupidity elected not to.  I am not talking about people whose names were purged from the rolls, those who were unable to acquire adequate ID, people who could not get away from work, or were not allowed to vote absentee.  I am talking about you jokers who just said screw it, other people will vote, those of you who said my vote does not matter.  It is those of you who shoved a big middle finger into the face of everyone else in this country who was not allowed to vote, could not vote, or was doing what they could to ensure that we the people were protected.  You not being bothered to vote, and that is what it really is, just put the screws to children, the poor, the elderly, the gays, and yourselves.

If you voted for the GOP/Tea Party candidates, or you simple said screw it, congratulations, you have screwed us all, and you can wear the mantel of prick of the week for the next two years.  As I have said repeatedly, you need to go vote.  Failure to vote harms our country in many different ways.  We will now be subjected to fewer regulations that are meant to protect us from environmental damage.  We will not see a minimum wage increase on a federal level.  We will encounter even more attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  We will once again see a tax decrease among those who are already wealthy enough to own large portions of the country.  We will see more calls for war, and more calls for discrimination against those who are gay.  We will see more calls for immigration reform that will amount to securing our borders, and doing little else. 

So what brought this on?  36%.  Yeah, 64% of the people did not vote this past election.  How many were voter purges, how many were unable to get proper ID, how many people were forced to work, or otherwise disallowed because they did not have adequate time to reregister to vote because of a move?  Unknown, but those people are not the problem.  It is those who voted for the GOP, and those who simply could not be bothered.  Those are the people who are the problem.

It has been said that when you vote for a Republican, you vote against your self-interest, that you shoot yourself in the foot, and that is the truth.  That brings me to the end of this entry, and I said at the beginning I had a declaration to make.  Each time I am forced to call out a conservative politician, I am going to call out all the people who could have, should have voted and failed to do so.  I am going to beat it into the mind of every single person who graces this blog with his or her presence, when a vote comes up, you go vote.  You find a way to cast your vote.  If you believe that both parties are the same, I will berate you as ignorant, because we cannot say that at this time.  If you think the conservatives or libertarians have the answers you are just stupid.