Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just an update.

I have been away for far too long.  And it has not been for a good reason.  The stately older gentleman in the picture is my father.  That mask he is wearing his hooked up to what the nurses call a by-pap machine, which is really nothing more than a force breather used on people who are on life support.

Yes, my dear old man is still breathing on his own, and he is conscious.  Those are the good things.  The bad things are more serious. He has COPD, Black Lung, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, and a dormant MRSA infection.  So, when the doctors come in and say that his White Blood cell count is over 22,000 (double that of a healthy person), he has a severe bacteria infection that they cannot seem to nail down, you start to wonder about many things, along with a quarter diameter cavity in his right lung.

At this point, they have not ruled out even the Flu.  Oh for it to just be a nasty version of the Flu.  But there are other very insidious illnesses that he can be facing, the worst case scenario is cancer.  Something that the doctors have not dismissed.  Actually, at least one doctor has said that is what he thinks, based on blood work, and the fact that it hasn't changed in the week he has been getting antibiotics and steroids.  And they cannot do a biopsy of the lung with a severe infection (unless its not an infection but cancer), as it would totally compromise his already weakened immune system.

The sad thing is, because of his other medical issues, there does not seem to be much done for him. As it stands we are out of the tent, we are out of the apartment, into a place, not a great place, but anything is better than tent living.  But we are still trying to get into our own place, we have to.  If they release my Dad with oxygen, if it were to end with him having cancer, we would really need a place for him, and a nursing home isn't the answer for him.  It would be cruel, and because of his personality he would end up hurt and back in the ER again.

I ask you all to help anyway you can.  Be it a donation of any amount, or a simple share it will help.  Donations can be made via a Go Fund Me account here (The Richardson Housing Project).