Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Third Party?

So, I was shown an article that asked can there be a third party created that would not help the Democratic Party.  Honestly, any third party created would take away some of the base support from the Democratic Party, but it would also decimate the GOP.

Lets be honest, and this might anger some readers.  The GOP is dieing, you can thank Reagan for that.  The policies and ideas he brought forth to be the mantra of the GOP, were just nails in the coffin.  The Tea Party is like the last gasp on the battle field, full of fury, but leading to nothing more than anguished cries.  My personal view of it ladies and gentlemen, and I call it like I see it.  If you were to talk to a Republican or Tea Bagger, you would hear them claim that the GOP has not done enough to prevent Obama's agenda.  I know they live in a vacuum, as this congress (specifically the House) has been the worst on record.  That says a lot given what Carter had to deal with.  They might scream about how America is becoming a "Socialist" country, like that is a horrible thing. 

As we sit here today, we hear cries from the GOP/Tea Party that the "Obama regime" is full of illegality and corruption.  Yeah, I am skeptical to a point, and Obama has dropped the ball on some things, but lets face it, those things were already in practice well before he got the keys to the White House.  I find it ironic, no... I find it hilarious that they compare the corruption in Obama's White House to that of Nixon.  Fast and Furious, that started in 2006, not 2009 and it ended in 2011.  Oh those fickle details and facts appearing once again.  Obama dropped the ball yes, he should have stopped that when he heard about it.  But he didn't.  The IRS scandal like Benghazi was created out of thin air (as previously mentioned on this blog and a host of others). 

The fragmented GOP has a base of a few that scream for impeachment, yet we all know if there was anything of merit for it, the GOP would have already started.  All they could muster was some half assed attempt at a lawsuit.  They want to talk about an out of control budget, yet they constantly insist that lower taxes are the solution.  We have been trying that since the 80's, and guess what, it hasn't worked.  So, here is my idea of concession.  Tax loopholes, corporate welfare, and military spending need to go.  If that doesn't take care of the problem, raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.  Sure they might decide to go off shore, you prohibit them from doing business here. 

But the base of the GOP wants them to go all Sherman on Obama.  If you do not know who Sherman is, I suggest you Google him.  The GOP simply cannot do it, not because they do not have the stomach for such a long drawn out line of crap.  It is because they realize that if they were to attempt such a feat it would be the end of their party, and likely their cushy jobs in Washington.  They will express concern that if ever given the chance that the GOP will not attempt to axe the PPACA, but lets be realistic, they really do not want to axe it completely.  Sure they say they do, but look at the millions of people now forced to do business with the insurance companies, it would hurt some of their corporate overlords. 

So what to do?  Create a truly conservative party.  Hell yeah.  The likes of Bachmann and Palin could be the figureheads of this new party.  So, I have to see how they plan on doing this, without crippling the GOP, and creating the environment that we liberals, socialists, and progressives want, so we can move this country forward. 

So, here is the plan they have.  Go to the internet get millions of people (they will need at least 30-60 to seriously challenge for the White House).  They won't launch it until they have the required amount of voters.  They will just hang around, talking trash for the months or years required to get a fledgling party off the ground.  Meanwhile the GOP will still be poisoning the water, so to speak.  They also want to ensure they have enough funds to fight, the article I looked at said around fifty million dollars.  Maybe even go smaller, launch said third party on a state level first, you know test the waters.

So why do this?  Well... I am going to have to quote this nonsense, because I am not only offended, but I would literally shit myself with laughter.
"Voters will not break from the GOP unless the new Third Party has a compelling platform that will unite conservatives, libertarians, the Christian Right, and the Tea Party movement.  These groups all have their differences but I believe we can find a consensus on dozens of constitutional principles such as downsizing the federal government, balancing the budget, reforming entitlements, cutting taxes across the board, defense of the 2nd amendment, the elimination of earmarks and crony capitalism, the development of our natural resources for our energy needs and so forth.
Even on the social issues, I believe a coalition between social and fiscal conservatives could be formed around the issue of eliminating all federal abortion funding, reversing Roe vs. Wade (let the states fight it out), and prohibiting the Federal government from granting special rights to people based upon sexual behavior (laws that almost always infringe on our religious, property, and freedom of association rights). I believe such a platform would unite all factions of conservatives and libertarians."
There we have it.  The answer as to why there is a cry for a new third party.  The GOP is not conservative libertarian or Christian enough for the radicals in this nation.  They sole concerns are making the government impotent, cutting taxes for the wealthy (I know they said across the board but be honest with yourself), doing away with earmarks and crony capitalism (which is what will not happen with further deregulation and an impotent government), and drill baby drill and burn more coal (which will further harm the environment).  They want to kill "federal abortion funding", which is funny.  Yes, I find this grossly amusing, because they seem to forget about the "Hyde Amendment" which prohibits federally funded abortions outside of the following clauses.  If the life mother is in danger from the pregnancy, if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest... Well that was a long list.  Oh and if it affects our religious freedom forget it.  So no gay marriage, immigrants, welfare, abortions, social security, health care, and well everything that displeases their corporate overlords.

Yeah, I have no real love for the GOP, but this new party they want to start is going to be even worse than a lazy, good for nothing, do nothing GOP we currently have.  Do us all a favor.  If you support the GOP, and if you think you are going to want to support this new party, grow up.  Put your religion aside, and join the modern world.  Your guns (like mine) are safe, your rights are not being affected because gays are allowed to marry (it just makes you less special), and come to understand that the world you want is not as golden as you think it is.  I can say that your world is not as golden as you think it is, because sooner or later you will grow up, and that time will be about the time that the brave new world you want turns on you.  At that point, those who warned you will have a good laugh at your expense.