Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where is the love

Where is the love that I hear about so often.  People claim to love their fellow man, they claim to love nature and their pets, they love everything, but they have a strange way of showing their love.  Its like an abusive relationship.

In the wee hours of the morn, I got into a debate with a few other people about this very subject.  Sadly I find the use of rose colored glasses to be disheartening.  Sure, I have my own pair, that I sport around.  The world is not as grim as I often see it, but it is nowhere near as pretty and loving as they see it either.

To be clear, I see a world where the homeless and poor are spat on, a place where the hungry are looked down on, rather than helped.  I see a world in which people senselessly kill each other over little of anything in a never ending cycle of violence and retaliation based on religion, nationality, race, color, sexual orientation.  In places the blame for being molested is placed on children not the animal.  I see a hate filled world full of hypocrisy and apathy.

And I am just as guilty as the next, just as we are all guilty.  Sure, you might not be a hypocrite, you might not be filled with hatred, you might just be apathetic.  You might say I am none of those, but I once commented that this world is a war, and the front line is everywhere.  You can stand idle (be apathetic), and create the same problem as if you were a hate filled hypocrite.

I write on this blog, because I am fighting.  It is my small part to ensure that people wake up, take off their rose colored glasses and realize this world is crumbling.  Our humanity is crumbling, and people seem perfectly content to look at everything through their rose colored glasses and pretend everything is alright, everything will be just fine.

It will not be alright, it will not be fine.  It is not alright, it has not been alright for most of my life.  Because of that I do have a very narrow negative view of the world.  I would rather be the eternal pessimist, prepare for the worst possible outcome.  You see it hurts less, because you are prepared for it, and you have a better plan to move forward from it.  Its in my nature that things will go wrong, because they do.

I constantly see small tidbits of faith in humanity restored, but then it occurs to me that these people are likely of the same mind as myself.  They help the homeless and poor because they really understand what those lifestyles are about.  They want to see a better world, and for someone they are making the world better.  For me, that is not done with love or caring, in my mind, that is just common sense.  The greater good for all reflects that we are not murdering each other in the streets, we do not spit on the poor or homeless, we help them as much as we can.  We question that which we see and hear, what we are told, and what is the right path.

If there was love in this world, there wouldn't be poverty, there wouldn't be war, there wouldn't be homelessness, disease, need, hatred, we would completely annihilate the human vice known as greed.  In the US there is enough to house every homeless person, be it a house or apartment, but greed and hatred prohibits it.  A truly living wage could be established, ensuring that humans wouldn't have to completely slave away their lives doing menial work.  They would have enough to meet their needs, with time to explore who they are, further educate themselves, become the artist or author they want to be.  They could then take the time to really learn and understand the world around them.  From their politics to their life itself.

But here we are the majority looking through rosy glasses.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  People need to wake up, the alarms sounded and they were ignored.  The alarm is sounding again, and once again it is being ignored.  This time things will be worse, which is rightly deserved.  Remember I am guilty like everyone else.  Come November, find a way to vote, vote early, vote democratic.  If you choose not to vote, or you vote GOP/Tea Party, you will consign everyone to something that will equate to hell on Earth.  Which is fine by me.  Its high time we all learned what our forefathers learned at the end of the Roaring Twenties.