Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Impeach Trump, Careful What You Wish For

I have recently been seeing a lot of people pushing to impeach President Trump. No, I don't like the man, I find him to be obnoxious, hateful, woefully ignorant, and at best incompetent. Should he be impeached, well, that depends on what the Special Prosecutor finds during the course of his investigation. Will he be impeached, I seriously doubt it, we are stuck with him for at least four years or until the GOP gets sick of listening to him.

Look, Trump is bad people, most of what he wants to do is bad news. It is obvious that he is completely out of touch with any semblance of reality as we know it. His comments often come across as, well, utterly insane or childish. Hey, he calls people losers almost everyday, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why he feels the urge to remind everyone that he won the election on a daily basis. He might as well come out to “We are the Champions,” every time he makes an appearance.

I'm sure with all the rumors floating around about ties to Russia, his executive orders that are getting tossed around, and his constant bragging about how many jobs he has saved, that somewhere along the line he has botched something enough to warrant getting kicked out of the White House, I have a bit of a warning, be careful of what you wish for.

In this world today, I am surprised I feel the urge to warn people against wanting something like this. Honestly, if he has done things that warrant impeachment, he should be impeached, but there is a hitch, as with many things. Look at who we have to replace him. Mike Pence. Say what you will about the mango fascist, the guy is incompetent, the guy just has no filter, and everyday it seems like he hits a new all time low. He gives the appearance of being completely incompetent, unable to do the most basic of things, without shoving his feet in his mouth, and his head up his backside. He thrives on being so over the top, that he has become a caricature of a caricature.

So, among the backdrop of alleged impropriety, I see a lot of calls to have him impeached, but keep in mind, we don't have the facts just yet. I personally want the facts before we push the issue, you should as well. But you should also look at the long game here. Trump might be a foolish man, he might truly be incompetent, he might even be a criminal. But Trump cannot fully grasp the reigns of the GOP, he can't always cow tow them, and it makes his ability to do everything he wants impossible. His antics are slowly dividing up the GOP into three groups, those who cringe every time they hear about something he said on Twitter, the group that totally ignores his antics, and the group that will inevitably support his actions.

Pence doesn't have that problem. You see, between Pence and Trump, Pence is the reasonable one. Pence is the good guy in the crowd, well if you are looking at things from a Conservative view. Pence holds many of the same views as Trump, but unlike Trump who comes across as childish, Pence comes across as a guy who has really thought out his views. They sound sane, because Pence can really articulate what he says, and gives himself enough room that he can spin it.

No doubt about this, Trump and Pence are not the good guys here, but its a Good Cop, Bad Cop deal, and many liberals and progressives are falling for it. Trump is the bad cop, its painfully obvious that Trump is the bad cop. Trump is full of fury and bluster, but doesn't have the pull to do half of what he wants to try, as most sane conservatives are not so willing to jump off the cliff (just look at the health care bill the House put forward). Pence on the other hand is still full of fury and bluster, but he is quieter about it. Unlike Trump who has made it a goal to offend everyone and everything, Pence just comes around, says what he thinks in a reasonable tone. Pence is more likely to get the same things done, because he doesn't come across as a bully. That whole, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

So, impeaching Trump gives us Pence. A man who is a lot more savvy, more competent, and honestly, more likable. Remember, they hold similar if not the same political views, they have the same practices, and if not for the volume of insanity from Trump, they would be nearly identical. So, which of the two is far more dangerous if given equal amounts of power? You might think Trump, but you'd be mistaken.

Certainly Trump is going to do a lot more damage, but Trump is so in your face about it, its going to be impossible for the GOP to hide from it all. With Trump, they are going to be forced to deal with everything he does, and they do. By deal with, I mean own. They aren't going to be able to sweep it all under the rug, because Trump can't stop himself from bragging. Pence is smart enough, savvy enough, to not be out in front of all the things the GOP does, he is smart enough to not brag on things. He will do things quietly, so that people aren't fully aware of all that is happening or has happened.

By now your thinking, but if Trump is guilty of enough to be impeached, wouldn't some of it blow back on Pence. Certainly, you might be able to snag Pence on things as well. If there is legitimate ties between Trump and Russia, enough to warrant impeachment, I'm sure Pence was in on it as well. Would his involvement be enough to get him tossed also... Well that would certainly be likely. But here is the hitch in that, we would have President Ryan.

Someone a little bigger on the food chain, a man who really knows how to play the game, and because he is mostly liked by his peers in the House, he could get a lot more done than either Trump or Pence. And at this point, we really know what he is about, no questions asked.

All that said, the SCotUS is not going to have a redo of the election. I seriously doubt Trump will be impeached, but I have been wrong before. I will say that out of the three top guys in the government, that being the first three in the order of succession, Trump is actually the most vocal, but least dangerous of them all. Yes, as I said, he can do a lot of damage, but on the flip side of that, the damage he could do can all be undone because he is right there crowing about it all. You also have to keep in mind that Trump's inability to stop talking will eventually push people in Congress away, along with some of his voters.

We have four years of Trump, if you want to limit his damage, don't force impeachment where we will get someone just as bad, but more reserved. Get out there, and push your Representatives and Senators to do whats best for the people, make sure that you get out and vote for people, while supporting those who disagree with Trump's plans. That is how you limit the Trump damage. Not by impeachment.