Friday, May 26, 2017

Assault, Cruel Teachers, and Measles on a Plane

In the run up to the election of Donald Trump, I kept hearing people say, “Never loose your sense of outrage.” I never lost it, but I had to bury it down, it was to the point that I was just angry. Ever little thing I heard would just add to that anger, and that is not healthy. I made a conscious choice to step away, let myself have a break, to cool off before I said something I couldn't take back. I don't regret that choice then, I don't regret it now, but those old feelings are coming back again.

So, I write out something yesterday, and turn on the news to see a few things that just start the building of pressure again. Some GOP candidate in Montana who battered a reporter gets elected. Now, I know a lot of people are saying it was assault and battery, but here is the gist of the laws at least in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Assault is verbal, if I assault you, I have threatened you in some way. If I were to point a gun at you and say “Bang!” that is assault. Battery is when I physically harm you. Now, it gets complicated when you throw in phrases like “Assault with a deadly weapon,” so, the terms assault and battery are technically interchangeable anymore.

But this candidate, beat up a reporter, for asking questions. Look, if you think the reporter had it coming, you're a fool. You also probably feel that throwing punches is the best way to resolve your problems. I'm sorry, but as someone who has problems with people invading my personal space, you never strike anyone, unless it is in self defense. If the reporter had thrown a punch and the candidate had defended himself, that would be one thing, but that isn't what happened with this instance. According to witnesses the Gianforte's assault of the man, this was not the case. Sorry ladies and gentlemen who supported this candidate, he was in the wrong. Want to know what else burns me up about this?

If you or I had done the exact same thing, I can promise you that we'd have been dropped, cuffed, and had the five star treatment by the local authorities. If you are Latino or African American, you'd probably be dead. But nope, Gianforte gets special treatment because he is running for Congress, is white, Christian, likely heterosexual (cis) and he is worth hundreds of millions to at least a billion dollars (estimated). Oh, he is a job creator, and um, he has been invested in to Russian corporations, so there is that. Yeah, so, all that combined gets him the country club visit to the police department, without cuffs, and being treated with all the dignity and respect befitting a man of his stature. Oh if only we could all be so lucky.

And in other news, stupid teachers are stupid, and continue to be intensive pricks. At least in Texas. No, its not all teachers, some teachers are really cool and caring people (Shout out to you Mr. Lem, where ever you are teaching these days). Nope, there are three teachers, who should not be teachers at all, and all three are in one district in Texas, I guess it is true that everything is bigger in Texas. Among the honors of their disgrace, handing out fake awards that read “Most likely to be a terrorist,” along with “Most likely to cry over every little thing,” and my personal favorite, “Most likely to become homeless.” Ah, there is nothing quite like telling a 13 or 14 year old kid that they will become homeless and spend months or even years in utter misery as a total failure. Well, it didn't say that exactly, but come on people, when someone is homeless, what is it some people say about them?

Now, the school district says that it was meant to be a joke, I'm laughing here, that was not thought out very well. Actually, it wasn't a joke, a joke is putting a whoopy cushion in a chair so it sounds like the person sitting farted, telling a funny story, or maybe saying or doing something that gets laughter from a group of people as well as the victim of said joke (if there is one). Any bets that the kids involved in this “joke” weren't white? I'd put my last three dollars that they weren't. Sure, there have been apologies for this bad taste, and horrible actions. The teachers involved laughed, I am sure some of the students were amused, but we are talking about kids who just started getting a massive dose of hormones. Sorry, it doesn't take much to get a kid to laugh, and did I mention the teachers involved are total idiots, who should be fired, immediately? Nope, they have been disciplined, but I assume they have retained their positions.

Oh hey, it appears that the Anti-Vaxxers who really love their kids have managed to possible infect a plane load of people with Measles. The Derp is strong with those idiots. Also, they have a vaccine for Autism now, so if you are concerned about vaccines and Autism, no worries, if your kid becomes Autistic from them, just give them one more shot, they'll be fine. Or not, mostly because there is no vaccine for Autism, and well, vaccines do not cause Autism. So, here is the skinny on this, and I don't care what an actress, whose claim to fame is looking good in a bikini says... If you don't vaccinate your kids, you are putting all kids at risk. Vaccination does not guarantee immunity, it just ensures that its whatever illness is not spread as quickly, and that should your kids get sick from said illness it is not as severe. Seriously, back in the day (sometime in 87 or 88) one kid didn't get the Chicken Pox vaccine and they had to shut down the school because 70% of the students got that shit. One un-vaccinated kid put all of us at risk for a deadly disease as an adult, because it was against Mommy and Daddy's religion.

Okay, so here is the story, as I have read it... A three year old on a flight from Indonesia to Melborne contracted Measles while on vacation with its parents. Sorry, no gender listed in the article, or details as to why the child was there. As it turns out, the parents decided against vaccination for “whatever reason,” according to Dr. Sutton. The unnamed father, well someone claiming to be the father said that they were not Anti-Vaxxers, but were pro-safe vaccinations. But lets be clear here, if you are going to travel somewhere, where there are cases of specific illnesses/diseases, you should get vaccinated, you know, just in case. In the meantime, a bunch of people on an international flight have been exposed to the Measles virus, and well, thankfully, the stupidity of the parents hasn't caused an outbreak, yet anyway. Just think about all those movies dealing with diseases, one person has it, gets on a plane, and the next thing you know, you have it popping up everywhere. Next up, Polio, because we really need to see that scourge come back around.

Oh ya, oh ya, henceforth comes a proclamation from her royal highness Hillary Rodham Clinton. Oh ya, oh ya, you baskets of deplorables, you basement dwellers, you crazies, you Obama-bros, Bern-bros, Independents and pie in the sky dreamers... Come forth and listen to what Queen Clinton hath brought forth to say to you all, as it is of vital importance. “I lost because of crazy third party voters.” This is all. So, the basket of deplorable, basement dwellers, pie in the sky dreamers, were fooled by Russia and Comey and Wikileaks, cost Clinton the election. Wait why I am discussing this again, I thought I already did an autopsy on the Democratic Party. You know where I spoke about all the issues in her campaign, and didn't I talk about how the DNC offered up a defense in court of “Ah, we don't have to have fair primaries. But uh, this one was really legit, even though we don't have to have legit primaries.” Oh yeah, I am still talking about it because Clinton still won't shut up. Listen and listen well. Clinton lost the game, she lost it fair and square. Well as fair and square as our elections appear to be anyway. Clinton failed in drawing people to her campaign, and failed to get people interested in voting for her. Clinton failed. You can scream Russia all you want, you can scream it was sexists all you want. At this point it is a moot issue. The sad thing is, Clinton just won't let it go. Maybe its because she didn't get a participation trophy, someone please get on this already. Maybe she will go away.

Look, she lost in 2008 after pulling the assassination card and the race card down south. She had to get help from the DNC in 2016 and lost the following General Election. She is a twice looser, and she just needs to realize that her dated ideals are failing and fading. Ever since her husband was the sitting president we have continued to see the failed beliefs of Third-Way Neo-Liberalism. We have watched the Democratic Party continue the practices of Reagan, the distress and hard his policies have caused. The growing income inequality, the diminished abilities to ascend the social-economic ladder, more war, death, destruction, poverty rates, incarceration rates, helplessness and hopelessness in the face of these things. People are loosing home Secretary Clinton, and your puppets (here's looking at you Bill). We are loosing hope, we are slowly dying, and we know it, some are more acutely aware of it than others. This is like some perverted nightmare, the more we struggle against the chains, the tighter they become, and the Democratic Party, the group of people that most of us believed was supposed to help remove the chains has only been concerned with helping to tighten them.

At this point, I don't know what is making me more angry. Reporters getting assaulted for doing their job, while the perpetrator gets a spa treatment at the police station. Teachers picking at kids for no good reason. Trump and the GOP basically saying health care is a privilege and if you can't afford drop dead. People carrying on about Russia, like they hacked the election (yeah, they might have influenced it, but a better candidate would have overcome). Forget the fact that things started circling the bowl when Bill Clinton helped to unleash free trade on us. Forget the fact that every day more and more people loose hope. They seem to watch as everything slips through their fingers, and they are powerless to stop it. Oh look the sun is out, kids are playing, no they aren't. They have some preventable disease, and are not going to reproduce, I honestly am fairly thankful for that fact. At least they won't have to grow up in a world that has lost its light, its way, and its hope for a better brighter tomorrow. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go finish cleaning out the flooded basement of this crappy little house, I have to move, and have no idea where I am going. And yeah, I haven't been writing nearly enough because honestly... Outside of a few close friends, family members, and an old stray tomcat I rescued from a freezing death, I feel like I am an island unto myself. Nobody listens, and few care.