Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump Speech Thoughts

It was just over an hour in length, slightly more than eight pages typed. President Trump, excuse me, I feel the urge to gag... The president of Merica, gave a speech to a joint session of Congress last night, and I didn't watch it. I had no urge to watch it, well the truth is, as someone who doesn't have cable, I refused to spend my precious data plan on going utterly insane. Ah, but the internet, and data plans, I was able to get a transcription of the speech. I did not watch or read any of the counter speeches, but from what I heard, the former Governor of Kentucky gave a rather uninspiring reprisal of the affair, and Sanders gave one as well, which was more inspiring by the accounts I heard, but again, I did not watch or read the responses. If you are in my boat, or even if you aren't here is my take on it, of course, I won't promise its going to be perfect because, anytime I read something involving Trump, I hear it in my head a very specific way, a loud mouth cow bloviating about how the neighbors cows are eating all the prime grass in his field.

So, Trump starts out by talking about Black History Month, the path towards civil rights and how there is work to be done. He highlights the recent threats against Jewish people, vandalism against Jewish cemeteries and the deaths of two Indians in Kansas City. He spoke, briefly about who this is a country that condemns hate and evil in all forms. Its strange, I will admit, I would have figured that he would have ignored these events, or at the very least been hamming it up, inciting more of these events, someone check that man for a neck pod, I think he has been switched out for a pod person.

So, as we move on, he talks about the torch of truth, liberty and justice being passed to each generation. Someone I know lamented that Trump wanted to use that torch to light a cross in some minority's front yard, and between the two comments, I find the latter, as distasteful as it is, to be more honest. Yes Mr. Trump, the torch is in our hands, and we certainly have been using it, among other things, to light up the world. Of course, what the torch consists of is largely debated, but rarely have I seen truth, liberty or justice involved, just bombs, lots of bombs, and some bullets.

So, he wants to deliver a message of unity and strength, I can hardly wait. Is he going to be feeding the Homophobia, Anti-Semitism, Racism, Xenophobia, what unity and strength is there when we can't even get along with each other anymore? Oh, here we go, we are apparently starting a new chapter of American Greatness, oh boy, I think I have heard this before, well in history class, with the aide of translated closed captions, because I can't speak German.

He mentioned that a new pride is sweeping across our nation, and well, its not new, its always been there, its just been hiding you see. Its called “White Pride,” and no good will come of that sort of thing. He says about optimism, not from where I am sitting. There is little to be optimistic about. The American Spirit is dead for many of us, just like the American Dream. Sure, you have a few people who jump from “Make America Great Again,” to “Make America White Again,” and I am sure that they are the optimistic ones, the ones brimming with pride. Also, in case, Mr. Trump missed it, we are the leader of the world. We lead in many categories, such as the highest incarceration rate, most military spending, among other things, which aren't all that great. We are certainly proud of those things, but we aren't all that free anymore, or that strong, well outside of being able to destroy everything.

He asks at this point, what will America look like when it reaches the 250th anniversary of its founding, what will be left for our children. Well, not much of any worth. As I sit here today, under a severe thunderstorm watch in March, the fourth such notice since the start of last month, with temperatures nearing 80 degrees, undrinkable tap water (as is the case in so many people), we here in Southern Virginia are in the throws of late spring, not late winter. Hey, anyone remember how it used to be cold in February, not t-shirt and shorts weather? How many of us had to use the air conditioner last month. If you live in Texas or Florida, you don't count, no of you can handle the cold. I remember being in Florida (Daytona Beach) for Speed Weeks in the early 90s, and even then it was kind of chilly, light coat, it was more like spring, not the middle of summer. But it is a fair question to ask, what are we leaving behind for our kids? A planet that is going through menopause, it doesn't know if it wants to be too hot, or too cold. An economy that sucks, sure you can say its better now than it was when Mr. Obama came into office, but its still pretty lousy. More debt, more pollution, more political upheaval, more terrorists, more hatred, more mental defects, less violence that is reported more often, a militarized police force, and the list could continue until we are all dead.

Trump goes on to talk about how he will not allow the past mistakes of recent decades to define the course of this nations future. He talks about how the middle class is a dying breed, as jobs have been sent offshore, as wealth for the majority has evaporated like alcohol from the lid of a bottle. How we have spent everywhere else in the world, yet ignored our own. We defend the borders of other nations, while again, we ignore our own. He talks about one of my biggest pet peeves, our own infrastructure. Okay, this is becoming very concerning. Here is a man, who by most appearances is totally out of touch with any form of reality, talking mostly about some very serious problems. Not all of these are on my list, but some of them are.

Okay, now we are back to normal Trump mode, rebellion. How Americans finally had enough, and decided that we must put ourselves before the world, to make America white again... Oops, I mean make America great again. He talks about how industries will come roaring back, veterans will get the care they need, our military will be given the resources it needs, like spending more than the next ten countries isn't enough. Our crumbling infrastructure will be replace... Wait what? Did he just say, again, that we will be fixed. Um, okay.

Our drug problems will slow down and stop, our inner cities will see a rebirth of hope, safety and opportunity, that politicians will keep their promises, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave,human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! Well that wasn't expected. I was channeling the Ghostbusters there for a minute. For a minute there, I thought I was living in a world just before the supernatural apocalypse. Wow, I need to take five minutes.
So, we now return you to the Trump Show, where its all about Trump, all the time. Since his inauguration various companies have decided to invest in American Jobs. Since his election the stock market has gained trillions of dollars of worth. They have brought prices down on F-35s, you know the planes that can't fly at night or in overcast weather, because they melt in the rain, and well, I guess the pilots can't see. They have placed a freeze on non-military and non-essential federal employees. He has begun to drain the swamp of government corruption by placing the very pricks who lobbied for the right to nuke our economy into his cabinet. But like Bill Mayes making a pitch, theres more. He has apparently placed a five year ban on lobbying by executive branch employees, and a lifetime ban on lobbyists from foreign countries. He has imposed a rule that says for every new regulation, two must be eliminated, and of course, stopping all regulations on coal. Hey, I thought we were going to fix this mess Mr. Trump, not add to it? By deregulating, we have encountered more problems. Oh wait, this is the Trump Show, my opinion doesn't matter.

Oh hey, he has helped clear the way for the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, so much for caring about the world we leave behind for the kiddos. But hey, at least these new pipelines will be made with American Steel, probably using American Coal. Yippie. The TPP is dead, and the ladies now have access to the funding and materials to live out their financial dreams. Seriously, the TPP death sounds good, but wasn't a woman's ability to start a business of her own already a thing we did here?

To protect us from violent crime, a new task force has been created, and other departments have been tasked with dismantling criminal cartels across our nation. Great, so when are we going to start with the political dissidents.. I mean political parties, churches, and the police? He is going to continue the flawed and failed war on drugs, but at least he is saying that we will expand treatment for addicts, rather than locking them away. Yeah, this is like a badly written, directed, and acted version of The Twilight Zone. But, hey, we are back to the Trump Show again. Immigration enforcement and border security, because Superman took Clark Kent's job at the Daily Bugle. Poor Clark, hey wait, Superman is Clark. Oh WTF? Anyway, they are going to start enforcing immigration laws, so I guess that means we will go after the employers who hire immigrants who have crossed the border? I guess, he didn't spell it out for us stupid people. Oh wait here it is, a Great Wall along our border. I guess nobody told him that there are tunnels, subs, and the like to get around his wall. As he speaks, lots of people are being deported, because you know he promised.

Oh hey, if the illegal immigrant drug dealer can't kill you, we also promise to ensure that the radical Islamic terrorist doesn't get you either. Forget the fact that I have more of a chance of dying because I was struck by lightening while falling out of a chair into a bathtub full of boiling hot water than I do of a terrorist in podunk Virginia.
Let me ask, how many people convicted of terrorism in the US have come from outside of the United States? As memory serves, there haven't been many. I think I can count them all on one hand, two hands if I count any that have actually occurred. Anyway, this is what I have come to expect of politicians, selling fear. He also appointed a SCotUS, but he has to wait on that pesky Senate to actually give the green light.

Oh hey 94 million people are out of the labor force... Does that include the elderly, the disabled, those who are too young to work full time jobs, etc? Well 43 million people are living in poverty, and over that are on food stamps. I wonder how many of them actually work? I'm sure a lot of them do. Damn those pesky regulations that demand a minimum wage, and child labor laws. Oh, but only one in five able bodied people are not working, so only 8.6 million able bodied adults are out of work. Our economic recovery hasn't been this bad since 1952, wait, was our economy still recovering from the depression in 1952. Ah, he talks about Obama's new debt, except guess what, the debt was down under Obama. He talks about how bad NAFTA is, and well, it was pretty brutal in many areas. He talks about how to fix these problems it will require moving past party ideology, and well. There is very little difference in the parties ideology. Outside of social ideology, there isn't much difference anymore. They both love to bomb the crap out of people, they both love tax cuts to the wealthiest of the wealthy, and yeah, how different are they fiscally?

He claims that American Companies are taxed at one of the highest rates in the world, but riddle me this, why does Boeing pay no taxes? And they are not alone. Oh I agree, we must make the playing field level, for the American working class and poor and corporations that seek to profit from our blood, sweet and bodies. I am all for tariffs, as long as they do not impede the ability for people to find adequate work, and be able to have niceties.

Okay, I need to take a long break. This is just too much right now. I seriously think that Trump has Dissociative Personality Disorder, in layman's terms, multiple personalities. Because he goes from being a raging liberal to tea party express in the matter of a few sentences. He talks about being a nation not bound by hatred and fear, to being a country bound by hatred and fear. He goes from being about We the People to me myself and I. I will finish this later, for now, now I have a raging migraine and yeah, its bad.