Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fake News in the News again

Eh, great. Feet on the couch is a big no no? Alright look people. Trump is going to give us years worth of legitimate fodder to gripe about, to rag on him about, to roast him over. My God, the man is an instant hit on Twitter. Seriously, he can't get out of his own way.

Lets roast him on the legitimate crap. When he says something bombastic, and completely untrue, then attack. But only do so after you get the entire story. I don't like Trump, I don't like his staff, and I don't like his politics. I have been taking some time away for everything because I don't like what I am seeing. I want to clear my mind, get right with myself, and look at things from an objective standpoint. After a few months away, of not really commenting on politics, not really being a hard core observer of the state of affairs, I am getting there.

But, at this point, I see some very distressing things. Take, for instance, this couch incident. Everyone is blowing up over Conway having her feet on the couch in the oval office. We aren't looking at what was happening around this event. We have come to the point that we are unable to see the forest for the trees. We are allowing ourselves to be baited into bad arguments, making statements without knowing what is going on, and we are damaging our credibility each and every time.

We are attacking people, without having our facts straight, and yes, I am guilty of it as well. But we have to stop doing that. We have to be more concerned about the facts of a situation, not the people involved. Look, resist Trump, fight his ideals that are not what is best for the majority of people. Fight his ideals that are racist, xenophobic, homophobic and sexist. Fight these ideals with facts and ideals that benefit all. Do not fight them with anger and hatred, because let me tell you, when you sink down to their level, they will always win with experience.

Look, I said from day one that Trump would be bad for America, and I stand by that, until I am proven wrong. Fight the issues, the people will fall, but rise above being petty, ignorant, and hateful. That is the only way we can change things. Failure to do so, will only cause more harm to those issues you hold near and dear. We are, after all, supposed to be better than that, we mostly try to take the high road, to not fall into the trap of fake news, and that is what we are all doing now. It has to stop.

As I said, Trump and his administration, the GOP and conservatives in all branches of government will give us plenty of fodder to roast them with. They always have the plan, but never can live up to the expectations people put in place for them. They know how to play the game, they know how to campaign, but they never have figured out how to win the game, or govern. Lets not give them the win, or more chances at failed governance.

You want to stop Trump in four years? That starts today, by poking holes in his policy, pointing out the flaws. It starts by holding all politicians accountable for their flaws in political ideology. It doesn't start with poking holes in them. Sure, its nice to twist something a politician said, and by all means, it is fair game, but only after you have all the facts.

We have a chance to start reversing things in 2018. All we have to do is stick to the facts. Sure, facts don't always work with all people, but they do work with some people, and all we need do is buy time, put the facts out there, and not fall for stupid distractions based on misinformation. We all have to work towards this end, or we will hand the game to the opposition.