Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Nothing Changed, Nothing Learned

Ah, so the Russians intentionally influenced our Presidential election... Oh my. So, now liberals are pissed off because the dirty commie Russians are meddling in our elections. I find it funny, myself personally, because many of those liberals who are now angry about outside influence tinkering with our election were oddly silent when this crap happened in the primaries.

Could it be that they are legitimately angry about this happening, or is it that they are upset that their pet candidate lost her backside in the election. Oh I know, almost three million ahead in the popular vote, but she still lost. She simply did not carry enough states to win. But hey, at least you are halfway paying attention now, and all it took was for what happened to Sanders to happen to Clinton. Unlike the Clintonistas when talking about Sanders, I will not discount the possibility that she got screwed over, even though we have less evidence of any kind.

So, here is the skinny, you can whine, cry, riot, pillage, or whatever else floats your boat, but we are saddled with at least two years of the GOP controlling everything in DC. I remain hopefully optimistic about our chances of getting them out of power before the world ends. Hey, its still a mostly free country, I can have blind hope that we can get them out of office before they nuke everything we know.

But then the realist steps forward, contrary as he is, and tells me that nothing was learned in this past cycle. Here we are, Clinton on the bad end of a loss, the Democratic Party imploding faster than a building, actually making the Titanic look like... Well, yeah it looks pretty good right now. So, what is the Democratic Party doing, the same thing that got them in this mess, the thing that Sanders and Trump railed against, more of the same. Nothing learned, nothing acknowledged, no pulse of the country, nothing, zip, zero, zilch.

If anything is being done, they are doubling down. The same establishment that lost because it offered more of the same, is continuing the path forward towards more of the same. Very conservative of them. So, Pelosi, the new old minority leader who has been a leader since forever has stated that she doesn't believe the majority of Democrats don't really want change, ignoring the fact that over 45% of the Democratic Party sided with Sanders, and without knowing some very real truths, merely assuming here, that a few of the luke warm Clinton supporters want it as well. They didn't go with Sanders because they did not think he had a chance.

So, back to the thing here, the Democratic Party is moving to double down on more of the same, in an environment where more of the same is being rejected handily. They are refusing to acknowledge that people are tired and angry of more of the same. They refuse to believe that someone like Trump could actually win by promising a great deal of change, even if that change sets the nation back fifty plus years. Biden is parading himself around talking about how Clinton, Pelosi, Schumar, and himself are the future of the party. See, nothing learned, nothing currently changing in the Democratic Party, outside of Sanders getting appointed as an outreach guy. Really, Sanders will do well in this capacity, I don't like it because I see him as more, but he has a way of getting to you, and I am sure he will continue his hold them responsible mantra.

All this said, where I am standing, people are demanding things change. The Democratic Party still has a chance to change, to further expand its base, to pick up and do what it needs to do, which is win. What does it have to do in order to bring people back into the fold, to get them motivated to come out and vote? It needs to start listening to people. If they had listened back before the nomination, if they had paid attention to what people were saying, even if they were in the “minority” things might have turned out differently. But nope, they know everything, and they are never wrong... Am I right?