Saturday, December 31, 2016

Charity Abuse

So, here I sit debating with myself, do I want to start another go fund me fund drive, to do those things I desperately need help with, you know, getting a new pair of boots for work (I need black boots), black socks, plain white shirts, a black belt, car, and insurance... Or do I avoid it because of people who abuse the system.

I have been an advocate for using sites like GoFundMe for a few years now. Honestly, it has made it easier for people to raise funds for an emergency, or other problems they have encountered in their own lives. I myself have had to use it, when times were pretty dire for myself and my family.

It is hard to do, its hard to put yourself out there, to beg for money online, to ask for that help. Many people see that stage in their life as being one of failure. They feel as if they have failed, and they are reluctant to go there. It is better to sit in shame, than admit how badly things have gone for them.

They are often shamed because of their condition, even when it is not of their own doing. Yet, others bite the bullet, put up a page, and try to get through it, as best they can, while trying to not impose themselves on others. But then you have a special case that comes along, one that leaves you wondering what is wrong with our society.

The other day, I had just such an instance. I was considering starting up a new page, to help me get things in order with my new job; a car for travel, as public transportation is lacking here (anything between 10pm and 6am you are walking), and insurance to ensure the car is legal. Yes, the company provides uniforms, but they don't give you white t-shirts, black socks, or the black shoes/boots that you have to wear while at work. It was at that point, as I was getting ready to jump onto the site, that I noticed a post on Facebook that was linked to a page for a young lady. This young lady wanted millions of dollars, not for an illness or emergency, or because she is returning to work. She wants this money to spend her time doing whatever in the two million dollar home that she intends on purchasing.

Now, I am not one to talk at people who are using their wits to make some extra money. But at some point, I am left to wonder, how that is even allowed. You have thousands of people who use that site to gather money in order to pay bills, and try to keep some of their stress down... And you have at least one person who doesn't want to even try, asking people to just give her money so she doesn't have to work.

Yeah, I need the money, I am starting a new job, and in time I can acquire the things I need to do said job. Given a few months, I can get a cheap used car that is reliable, and I can insure it. In time I can get the right boots for the job, along with any other odd pieces of clothing that I will need. But in asking for help in achieving these things, I am merely taking a short cut, with the good graces of those who are willing to help. Its not even really a short cut, its just a hand up that makes my life a little better.  But then you have people like this young lady, who is expectant of getting five million dollars, just so she doesn't have to be a "slave" to society, yet underneath it, I don't think she has a solid grasp on reality.

Anyway, after a pretty shoddy 2016, I hope all find their place and happiness in 2017. God knows we can all use it.