Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bernie Bros.

So, Sanders won New Hampshire. Oh yeah, smell that scent of victory, but like I told Clinton supporters last week, don't get cocky kid. It was more bloodbath than victory, but now the fight is going to turn vicious, and it is going to be an uphill struggle. No need to beat around the bush, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets marginally better. I would hope Sanders holds on until the convention, and I really think he can if we all get out and vote. We cannot leave it to others, this is a statement we must all make.

Now, if the playing ground was level, if all things in the process were fair, the battle would not be so difficult. It would not be easy, and lets be frank, primaries are not supposed to be easy to win. This is the process to vet candidates, to ensure they pass muster with “We the People of these United States.” But we have a super delegate problem, and that is the challenge, given they have already decided to support Clinton. Now that said, I would doubt their support is written on paper, so they can likely change their minds, depending on how badly the next leg of the process goes for any candidate.

But there is another major problem, and it gets directed towards people like +LiberalLarry, +EranAbaddon, and myself. We have acquired the tag of Bernie Bros, and while I find it amusing, I also find it baffling. Yes, I support Sanders, yes I defend the man's ideas as if they are my own, and I call Clinton on her BS. I know some people will call Clinton many things, a corporate shill is as far as I will take it, but they are not wrong for saying it either. In every technical sense, they are correct in the choice of words they use. So, sorry, if you support Clinton, and figure this Sanders supporter is going to trash talk others who choose to use stronger language to describe her, you are in for a huge let down. Free speech is free, so long as one is not inciting violence or otherwise using hate speech, so, they have the right to speak their opinion with in reason, and you have the right to ignore them, reprimand them, or simply listen and get angry.

The fact is, I can understand why Bernie Bros say and act as they do, but having been involved since the first announcement, I have seen the vitriol from the start. Seemingly missed are the comments and actions of Clinton supporters, and I am not talking about the comments made by Albright or Stienem. I am talking about regular people who support the status quo candidacy of Clinton. Comparing those who first wanted a real primary, real debates to dogs, telling them to toe the party line, to sit down and shut up, that it was Clinton's time or turn (depending on the supporter), and now we have the tired old Obama-boys deal (now called Bernie Bros), and change is hard so lets make modest to no real gains. Yes, get angry because the Bernie Bros are not a creation of Sanders deciding he wanted to run, they exist because they got tired of being pushed. That is why Trump is gaining so much ground, why after years of saying he was running, people are taking him seriously. People are angry, and its time that those elected to be in charge listen.

After months of this, people start tuning out to your candidate. I get tired of seeing Bernie getting bashed by so called liberals. At this point, the Democratic Party went full Republican, and one does not go full Republican, its the same as “going full retard.” You never really recover from it, and its only painful to those who sense you have gone there. I do not need to be reminded that Sanders will have a difficult time getting his agenda passed, I do not need constant reminders about the Supreme Court Justices who are about to retire. I already know that should Sanders get elected, he will not have an easy walk, just like I knew Obama would not have a cake walk. Since that is the case, we are presented Clinton, someone we are told will have a easier time getting her polices passed. On the surface, that sounds nice, it sounds good, but I tend to want to see beneath the surface, because that is where everything is happening.

Clinton will undoubtedly get things done, but I will not hold my breath about how good they will be. Sure, the repeal of The Banking Act of 1933 had some short term good for some people, but in the scope of the real world, where our boots are on the ground, a lot of great people got hit with the heavy end of a very large hammer. If you can say you are doing better today than you were in 2004-2008, I am happy for you, but if you can say you are doing worse, lets have a beer sometime and remember the good times, because I honestly see little difference between Clinton and the GOP runners (except Trump, as insane as he is, I do believe he might have the good sense to get good advisers, but I will not swear to that). The truth is, and be honest, do you really think Clinton will get liberal things done in DC, in this current state? I can promise you, she will get as much good done as Obama has in his tenure as Commander and Chief. No, there is nothing to be ashamed of, Obama tried, failed, and kept trying for some things.

If Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or who ever is left in the Clown Car manages to win, do not come blaming people who refused to hold their nose and vote for Clinton. The DNC was young and fresh in 2008, and that has not changed a great deal now. Sure, Clinton and Sanders are both older people, but Sanders has fresh ideas as to where to take our nation. Ideas that Clinton has openly stated will never ever happen in the United States, but Sanders and the people say they want. If we are voting between two people who will do very little to advance our causes, to advance our ideals, we should go with the one who is going Babe Ruth on the place, and is going to try and hit a home run with every at bat. There, want to know the main crux to my support for Sanders, the man might be gone in four years, but while he is there, he is going to swing for the fence every time he gets the chance, he is going to push for his plans at every turn, to put this in simple terms. Sanders is going to throw a bunch of crap at the wall, and wait for some of it to stick somewhere, and believe this old farm kid, when you start slinging crap at a wall, some of it will stick (and take this to heart, sometimes it will stick to a ceiling). But why are we willingly going to vote for someone who ran in 2007 and lost? If she had nothing to offer then, why are we entertaining her now? Is it because she has changed, is it because we really should have elected a Madam President by now (and we should have had an official Madam President by now)? Do you think that it will end sexism by having a Madam President? Cause if you believe that will end sexism, I can point at Mr. Obama, and how well his election ended racism (trust me, its gotten a hell of a lot worse).

As it stands today, I refuse to be pushed or bullied into a vote, and as I sit here today, Clinton voters have been pushing for a coronation since day one of her run. I am not a sexist prick despite what some Clinton supporters will say. I do not dislike Clinton on a personal level, but I know some who do, and I will say in the open, I have had the displeasure of meeting her (along with Ms. Tipper Gore) at a Farm Aide concert when Gore was making his run. I did not like her on a personal level then, I do not care for her now, and before you talk about me disliking strong women, my dislike of Clinton stems from her conduct, her words, and her choices in policy. Most of the Bernie Bros, if you sat down and really listened to them, leaving some of their colorful metaphors out of it, you might actually get their point. You might see why they dislike her as much as I do.

Speaking of “my sexism”, the strongest people I know are women. They get the short end of the stick, yet they still stand, they still fight, they still push forward with the reckless abandon that the guys will. They support families, they run businesses, they enter into the world of politics and fight for the things they believe in, and I promise you, Sanders supporters will say the same thing. I do, however, have one regret about this cycle, and that is Warren decided to keep out of it. I would be torn if Sanders and Warren ran at the same time. Most Sanders supporters would be. I disagree with Warren more than I do Sanders (mostly about firearms), but I agree with her more than Clinton. But those differences between Sanders and Warren are such that come November, I would vote for her if she was the nominee.

I also have stated that the only groups who would ever prevent me from voting for Clinton, no matter how aberrant I found her polices was Clinton herself and her supporters. At this time, the actions of her supporters are driving me away, they are driving some Sanders supporters away, and they really think that we will all come back, but I can point you in the direction of a Facebook Group, where we will not be back, many of them are getting ready to bolt from the Democratic Party, and exodus. Clinton supporters are good with that right now, but as I remind them, what happens when you need us? Something to ponder on, while the mud is slung, insults are leveled, and because of word choices you level charges of sexism.

If you say that Sanders does not want my support, that is your choice. However, I tend to see Sanders wanting people to stand their ground, to defend their ideals, to fight back against the machine, the status quo in this country, and this world. In an ideal world, people would be civil, they would argue among each other, and at the end of the day, shake hands. But here in this world, with the hateful and desperate lengths someone will go to in order to get their way, people will argue, feelings will be hurt, anger will rise, and it will get ugly. There is something you should keep in mind while you are flinging mud, people like me can live with it, if you can. The question at hand is the following, can you live with what happens as a result?