Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I am sorry, I have not been the most active blogger, I have just been very busy coping with the death of my Dad, becoming not homeless, looking for stable employment, and doing odd jobs. You know, the American dream. I can still be found around Google+ and other social media, still raising all grades of hell about religion, fighting about politics, and doing my thing, just very little in terms of writing. It also took a lot of wind out of my sails losing my laptop to cryptowall 3, and I just haven't been in the mood for it.

So, why now, today have I decided to grace you with my opinion and presence. It appears, that my ire has been aroused once again, and that my friends is never a good sign. It means I am getting back into my old form, nonsense and all. So, without further ado, this evening we will talk about our favorite social media group, Facebook.

In the last three days, I know three people who have had their accounts hit with the “ban hammer,” the mighty weapon of those who have no balls, and no brains. A year ago, I would have laughed and told them all to be more mindful of what they say on Facebook, because lets face it, there are rules, and we do need to follow them. But this isn't last year, this is today, I am a different man, and this is a different world.

Today on Facebook, you can threaten to kill our president, you can be openly racist, support the genocide of any number of people, you can just about say or do anything you want, so long as you do not show a woman's nipple. One such man I know who got into trouble had a picture of a stripper on the table of The Last Supper, clothed in what appeared to be a bathing suit, but was flagged as nudity. Another friend was banned from groups for several weeks, and we still haven't figured out what he did.

Think back to anyone you know who may or may not have been banned from Facebook, what happened? It seems to me that this social media site has come to censor most of what we say, and I can deal with it within reason, but they need to be equal. If someone threatens our president, or anyone else, something should be done about it. If someone jumps up and starts talking about killing African Americans, Jews, Muslims, Cops, others something needs to be done. When someone posts pictures of Auschwitz and proudly proclaims that hitler was right, and this group of people should be executed, Facebook needs to act. If someone talks about beating gay or transgender people, you guessed it.

As it stands right now, a kkk member can post a picture of himself doing his stupid little dance in front of a burning cross, and Facebook will ignore it, find nothing wrong with it, and just say deal with it. But god forbid someone posts a picture of a woman's tit, its the end of the damn world. Hell, you could post a man's tit of equal size and nothing. This is not about objectifying women, this is about some common sense, and equality. If you are going to ban an account because of nudity, ban all accounts for it, not just the ones that get mass reported. If you are going to come down on nudity, sorry but I see a woman's body as a work of art (and some people see men's body in that light), come down on the racism, on the racist posts, on the ones threatening to kill this person or race, or that.  Hell you can even post comments or images of animal cruelty and very little will get done about it.

What is even more agitating about this, there isn't even a real living human being reviewing the cases. To my knowledge, it is all automated. There is no appeal, there is no facing your accusers, it is a case of taking your lumps, waiting out the duration of your ban, and that is if you are lucky enough to know what terms of service rule you violated. Bravo Facebook, I hardly recognize you. There will be more on this, but right now, I am going to go eat dinner.