Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oy vey.... These schtup(ing) goyim...

So, Phuck-a-Duck Phil is back in the news, thanks +Larry Dillon I will use that name constantly now, for what you might ask?  Well after one of the duck-phuckers family members was a co-star in a craptastic movie (which should be reviewed by +Mind of the Monster shortly), I guess the big guy got bored.  So he went onto Fox News and made a complete ass out of himself... Again...

While promoting his new book, he got into many different topics.  Not going to review the book, or name it because, well... Its probably insane to put it lightly.  And what is to follow will be far more insane.  If I wasn't getting ready for work, I would grab a few cold ones, I need to be drunk for this.  ~Twenty-Four hours later~  I am sorry, I was unable to get drunk enough for what I am about to talk about.

Alright, so with all the gay bashing ignorance on the side, he has a plan to deal with ISIS (AKA ISIL).  Convert or Die is his plan.  Great just what the world needs, more killing in the name of a God.  Oh, but its not just the Islamic militants, or regular Muslims they want to convert or murder.  They want the Jews as well. 

Alright, he can kiss my Jewish rump on that one.  I'll convert when my cold dead body is being placed in the ground, but at that point it will likely be the Mormon's baptizing a dead body.  But lets start with the ISIS and ISIL deal first alright, I can half way keep myself in check for that.

So, Phil starts talking to Hannity and Hannity notices that Phil has his bible, and from there we get Phil saying that he never leaves home without his holy book and his woman.  Yeah, go figure that one out, maybe someone from that area can tell me if calling your wife "your woman" is a common phrase, honestly though, if my Dad said that about my Mom, she would kick his ass every which way from Sunday.  But the quote in question is this one:
In this case you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I'm not giving up on them, but I'm just saying, either convert them or kill them. One or the other.
Hannity for his part said what I was thinking when I heard this.  Great there goes phuckaduck Phil again.  So, he thinks that a bible study would set them on the path to God, and I think its cute.  Really we need to load him up with a translator, his bible, and "his woman" ship them over to Syria or Iraq and let him have his little bible study with the members of ISIS (ISIL).  A few birds with a single stone.  Maybe we can send the duck family, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, and a few others over there as a peace measure.  Hey guys, we will send you these people, all we want is peace, this is to show that we are serious.

But I find this regression in the born again community to be disturbing.  The dark-side of their force is showing again.  They were trying to hide it so much, but once again it is showing.  Take a good look at it people.  If you are a christian, look really hard at yourself as well.  No human being should advocate the covert or die mantra.  It is just a means to ensure that your group is more dominate than others.  So it appears that the Crusades heat up again, Chrisitans versus Muslims in a convert or die battle of wills.  Lets see how many remain after this one.

At this point I would have thought that Phil would just shut up and crawl under a rock.  Preferably fifty or so rocks that were thrown, but any rock will do at this point.  But no, new spewing is coming to light.  See he wants to convert the Jews to Jesus, and while I am all for being free to practice whatever religion (or no religion) you want, I am not for the ability to proselytize of use religion as a means to force people to convert.  Its wrong, honestly its crap.

So, here is how I see this working out.  We are somewhat sure that we won't talk ISIS (ISIL) down, we likely cannot convert them, so Phil says kill them all.  In a few months (years) time, I wonder if we are going to see or hear Duck-Phucker Phil talking about the Jews in the same way.  "Convert or Die."  When it comes to that Phil Robertson, I will convert to your brand of brainwashing when you pry the rifle out of my cold dead hands. Because when you come to my door spewing your religious intolerance and insanity at me, tell me to convert or die, I would rather die than convert to something I do not believe, because like you I stand for my principles, and my principles dictate that a person can worship anyway they wish so long as it does not affect the others that surround them.